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With a variety of services developed to grow and sustain professional businesses, our healthcare solutions have been designed to cater to the growing needs of pharmacy owners. Through our solutions, owners will be able to manage their day-to-day operations, track orders, manage inventory, forecast demand and benefit from comprehensive reports and market intelligence.

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Healthcare Bundle



DawaTech Solution is a cloud-base ERP platform specially designed to meet the needs of pharmacy owners. Customers will be able to manage and monitor cash flow, daily work operations and their stock through the service from any smart device. The service also generates full business reports including processing and tracking orders, managing inventory, forecasting demand and accurate market intelligence by connecting pharmacy owners to Jordanian suppliers.​

Voice Packages

Zain Professional Packages

Catering to employees and middle management, this type of package offers a bundle of services that includes unlimited calls towards other Zain numbers, free minutes towards other local operators, mobile internet, local SMS and other free services.​

Unified Communications

Zain Jordan, in partnership with Cisco, offers you integrated enterprise communication services including voice calls (phone extension and Jaber client), audio-web and video conferencing, instant messaging and many more.  The setup includes the full offering of CISCO hardware phone system and connectivity through the reliable internet network provided by Zain.​


Internet Packages


Fiber-to-the-Business is an end-to-end optical fiber infrastructure installed from Zain's network all the way to you.  This service provides very high bandwidth for a more reliable and consistent internet   speed.

Features include:

·      Speed. 

·      Cloud Access.

·      Reliability.

·      Signal Strength.

·      Bandwidth.

·      Symmetric Speed.

·      Latency.

·      Security.​

Broadband 4G/LTE

Customers can enjoy high-speed internet with the most advanced broadband Internet technologies on Zain's 4G/LTE and 3G/HSPA+ networks, with various options for packages including devices (MiFi and routers). Features include:

·       Higher data speeds for IP access.

·       Lower latency.

·       More bands.

·       Wider bandwidths.​



Marketing Packages

Smart-Ad Advertising Platform

A Mobile Advertising platform which enables customers to   send targeted SMS campaigns based on the   profile   they   select.  Smart-Ad is aimed towards customers who want to purchase targeted advertising where the customer will be selecting the profile of targeted users to receive the campaign materials [work location, home location, age, gender and   nationality. SmartAd aids you in controlling your campaign's budget as well as identifying your strength points from the initial phase. After uploading your communication material, e.g: flyers, this platform allows you to check your targeted customers' responses through CPM (click per management) and CPC (cost per click) to ensure your ROI (return of investment).​

Survey Tools

In order to gather customer sentiments, we have created a simple and efficient tool that targets recipients according to   their   location, gender, age, etc.  This way, research and market analysis can be conducted seamlessly. All you would need to do to make use of this service is to send us your target customers and the questions you would like to share with them. From there, we handle, collect and translate the information into valuable data. The survey would be shared by sending a link to their device that can be answered any time within the running duration of the campaign. Also, should the customer leave a few questions for later, they can go back and answer just those without having to repeat the entire survey. A reward would be granted upon completion such as internet bundles, SMS or any other of Zain Business' services.​



Cloud Packages

​HR Solutions

An HRMS solution that allows HR professionals to use an online system to manage employee information, attendance and payroll.  It also allows employees to interact directly with the HR department through their mobile application by submitting their vacation days and leaves, checking salary slips and many other functions.

HR consists of two main services:

1. Payroll: Allows you to manage salaries, transportation, bonuses, over time and total deductions per employee. *Employee attendance included

2. HR: Allows you to gather each employee's information. (Comprehensive employee personal file, leave & vacation management, hierarchy setup, employee development, etc.)

Cloud Computing (VPS)

The Virtual Private Server gives you similar benefits as owning a dedicated server but without the capital expenses of actually owning one.  Zain Jordan can cloud host your disk space and memory on its shared, yet isolated, servers while presenting you with your very own virtual environment.​​


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