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Operational efficiency is the most important business characteristic therefore, through this umbrella, we provide you with services that enhance operations and optimize control.

Zain Track

Zain Track is a fleet management service that allows you to track and monitor your vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and buses. The service helps   protect your vehicles from theft and uses data to maximize the efficiency of fleet   routes.

Using Zain Track service will allow the fleet admin to:

·        Manage the fleet and create rules and regulations to abide to.

·        Locate vehicle on a map, with street address and closest landmark.

·        Minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment.

·        Detect and monitor driver behavior.

·        Ensure compliance with business rules.

Zain Track comes with several plans to meet the customer requirements based on their needs as per the below:

·        Zain Track Rental Lite

·        Zain Track Rental Professional

·        Zain Track Rent a Car

·        Fuel Monitor 

ATM Security

A special service for ATM security that provides the following:

1. Tracking of the ATM in case of movement.

2. In case of any unexpected events (such as opening the safe door) this system provides bank management with alerts (SMS, app notification and   e-mail   notification).

3. Safeguarding the temperature of the ATM in real-time.


With the above capabilities, alerts or alarms, are automatically secured to those responsible by email or SMS, depending on the situation:

1.     Alarm in the event of power failure.

2.     Alarm in case of GPS loss.

3.     Alarm in the event of a sudden change in temperature of the ATM interior 

4.     Alarm in case of ATM movement

5.     ATM door opener warning​

Customized IOT Solutions

Based on out cutting-edge managed infrastructure services, Zain Jordan can provide customized IoT solutions with suitable environments that contain various technological components. From asset tracking to energy management to smart security, Zain Jordan has the mechanisms and tools to construct a smart building solution according to the customer's specifications in collaboration with key regional partners and vendors.  ​​

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