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Zain can provide the customer with integrated and specialized cloud solutions based on their needs in order to help them achieve more efficiently. Zain services cover all areas: human resources, security, cloud services, and expansion of commercial services such as accounting systems and points of sale.

Data Center Service (The Bunker)

Zain TIER III Regional Center for Data and Information Storage and Disaster Recovery (The Bunker) which is situated at the King Hussein Business Park in Amman Jordan:

The Bunker Features:

  • TIER III Uptime Certified.

  • 99.982% availability.

  • ISO 27001 compliant.

  • Transformed from an army command control center.

  • 4,300 sqm, state-of-the-art highly modernized.

  • Fully redundant communications network data center.

  • Located 12m underground.

  • Protected by 2m thick concrete walls.

  • Equipped with 2 Tons doors at both of its entrances for added security.

  • Built with blast walls.

  • Dedicated and Shared rooms availability.

  • Fully redundant cooling, power and connectivity.

  • 24/7 onsite security and advance surveillance cameras security (CCTV).​


Cloud Computing (VPS)

ZAIN BUSINESS cloud offers ready-to-use compute instances on a multi-tenant or dedicated private, robust, and fully scalable and certified VMware infrastructure environment to host the most demanding business applications in an enterprise-grade, secure, highly available, and self-controlled environment backed with stringent service level guarantees. 


Service Features:

  • Certified VMware Cloud Computing Infrastructure.

  • Single Management Dashboard

  • Local hosting in a certified Tier 3 data center (The Bunker)

  • Local presence and regional scale

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring & Support


Omni-Channel Communication Platform


Zain Business helps clients and partners overcome the complexity of consumer communications, and the ability to grow their businesses, and enhance the customer experience – all in one comprehensive platform powered by Infobip.



  • Personalized omnichannel customer connections.

  • Full-stack customer engagement.

  • No compromise delivery​.

Zain Business Omni-Channel Communication platform features:



Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Zain business allows Hospitals and health providers, to adopt distinguished cloud solution, which covers all aspects of modern health care requirements, this includes:

  • ERP platform, and PACS systems.

  • Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) such as Dragon microphones, Powerscribe, UpToDate and MediSpan.



E-Commerce Platform and Order management solution:

  • To build your own online store through your own website & mobile app.

  • Extract comprehensive reports about your work​.

Managed Infrastructure

Managed infrastructure solutions seek high performance and greater efficiency for businesses of all sizes by:

  • Providing more flexibility, reliability, and scalability than traditional IT solutions

  • Providing the latest technologies and trends without having to invest heavily in hardware and maintenance.

  • Providing built-in security measures and cost savings.

  • Allowing businesses to focus on core objectives rather than managing IT infrastructure

Human Resource Management Solution (HRMS)

Human Resource Management Solution that allows HR professionals to:

  • Manage employees' information.

  • Manage employees' Attendance.

  • Manage employees' payroll.

  • Manage employees' appraisals. 

  • Employees can interact directly with the HR department through a mobile application​.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an integrated experience of apps and services provided by Microsoft:

  • Users can communicate with their customers and coworkers.

  • Users can get Microsoft apps backed with the latest features and security updates.


A service to deliver Free-To-Air TV channels with high quality through IP network and an internet connectivity.


  • Monthly or yearly subscription based on the number of Set-Top-Boxes.

  • Zain install the STB (Set-Top-Box) at the customer premise.

  • Professional Services & full Support by Zain.


  • Integration into most popular Property Management Systems (PMS).

  • Bring your own device (BYOD) and Bring your own Content (BYOC).

  • Utilize Smart TV apps.

  • Flexible delivery to Smart TV, Set Top Box (STB), laptop or mobile.

  • Access live TV from multiple sources.

  • Access to stored Movie, Music and VOD content.



WiFi Solution

Provides the freedom to scale the number of devices supported on your WIFI network, in addition to a co-branded landing page for the guests with One Time Password Authentication or WPE, in addition to the option of the Social Media   Login Module.​​

Cloud Point of Sale Service (POS)

A cash management system that functions on the latest cloud technology to help shop owners:

  • Monitor the cash flow, sales and profit analysis from anywhere.

  • Connect all branches.

  • Monitor inventory.

  • Free training, 24*7 support and data backup.

B12 eLearning Platform

Zain Business aims to support schools by managing the learning process, and modernizing the communication between the school administration, guardians, staff and students.


  • Enable the school to digitize weekly plans.

  • Provide reports and evaluations.

  • Bus tracking service.Provide mobile app for the guardians, to facilitate the communication with the school.

  • Bus tracking service.​

ANTlabs Service

ANTlabs is a Cloud Wi-Fi network management service that delivers seamless, secure connectivity, centralized control, and management for your corporate Wi-Fi network.

ANTlabs enables your business to:

  • Customize the Wi-Fi login landing page.

  • Monitor the WiFi network quality and manage the speeds provided to customers.

  • Enhance your customers' online experience and increase in-store customer engagement through effective communication material.

  • Provide your customers with promotions by location.

  • Create custom pages and publish them in all branches.

  • Have control the security level of the wireless network.

  • Have full user data analytics.

  • 24*7 support.


Smart Security as a Service

Smart security as a Service is a cloud service offering various security technologies including Video Surveillance as a Service, Video AI as well as Unified Incident Management allowing businesses to:

  • Perform on intelligent analysis, process automation, and centralized operational model.

  • Aid in attaining an unprecedented, advanced level of security that comes at a lower cost and effort while simultaneously delivering accumulated smart insights.

Service Features:​

  • Cloud Video Management and Recording.

  • Unified Incident Management Dashboard.

  • Video Artificial Intelligence.

  • Advanced Video Analytics.

  • Cloud Video Archiving.

  • 24/7 Support.

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