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A set of solutions has been carefully developed and designed to help small and large companies reach their target market sectors. From short text messages to digital advertisements, these solutions provide an integrated set of tools to help any company promote its products / services and reach its target audience.

Omni-Channel Communication Platform

Scale your customer communications over the world's most popular channels including SMS, email, voice, WhatsApp business, messenger, and many more.

Zain Business helps its clients and partners overcome the complexity of consumer communications, and the ability to grow their business, and enhance
the customer experience – all over a single, one comprehensive platform powered by Infobip.​


Zain Business Omni-Channel Communication platform advantages:

1- Personalized omnichannel customer connections

Achieve deeper customer engagement across the widest selection of local and global channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, video, voice, email, and the other popular chat apps.

2- ​Full-stack customer engagement

Deliver better outcomes for your business by enhancing your communications with fully integrated contact center, marketing automation, and chatbot building solutions informed by our customer data platform. 

3- No compromise delivery

By controlling the entire technology stack, Infobip delivers superior performance. We help you dynamically optimize your message journey to offer faster, more secure, and more reliable connections to your customers. All with complete transparency.​

 Zain Business Omni-Channel Communication platform features:




Corporate Status SMS

Offers corporate customers the opportunity to display promotional messages on their clients' handsets when said clients place a call to them.​

Corporate Bulk SMS Service

Corporate SMS solution is an easy communication tool based on SMS that enables you to organize your address book, divide contacts into groups and be in touch with your clients, employees and business partners. Messaging can be very beneficial for corporations and businesses and can be used for several reasons but mostly the below:​

1.     Critical alerts

2.     Special offers and promotions

3.     Contacting members

4.     Reminders (clinics, insurance companies, Airlines, etc)

5.     Greetings.


With our smart tool, you can send an SMS from the user interface through your PC, laptop or mobile. Messages can be sent one at a time or all at once by creating a dynamic file that helps you send them out efficiently and on schedule. The system can be integrated through API.

Corporate RBT

Offers corporate customers the option of assigning their contacts with defining ringtones upon receiving a call on their line(s).​​

Location-Based SMS Ads

To reduce costs and increase relevance, you can target your innovative SMS advertisements based on location and other demographic variables. This service allows you to target customers using our live broadcasting feature, once or several times, in order to achieve your marketing goals. Location-based SMS provides you with the option of targeting your customers based on demographics and many other profiles rounded up by Zain over the years.​​


A Mobile Advertising platform which enables customers to   send targeted SMS campaigns based on the   profile   they   select.  Smart-Ad is aimed towards customers who want to purchase targeted advertising where the customer will be selecting the profile of targeted users to receive the campaign materials [work location, home location, age, gender and   nationality. SmartAd aids you in controlling your campaign's budget as well as identifying your strength points from the initial phase. After uploading your communication material, e.g: flyers, this platform allows you to check your targeted customers' responses through CPM (click per management) and CPC (cost per click) to ensure your ROI (return of investment).​

IISAL Digital Receipts

IISAL is a tool   used for receipts hosting and management, expenditure monitoring, personal finance and authentic receipts for warranty, returns and tax purposes. It is also used as a digital advertising medium with ads showing on the top & bottom of the digital receipt.​

Survey Tools

In order to gather customer sentiments, we have created a simple and efficient tool that targets recipients according to   their   location, gender, age, etc.  This way, research and market analysis can be conducted seamlessly. All you would need to do to make use of this service is to send us your target customers and the questions you would like to share with them. From there, we handle, collect and translate the information into valuable data. The survey would be shared by sending a link to their device that can be answered any time within the running duration of the campaign. Also, should the customer leave a few questions for later, they can go back and answer just those without having to repeat the entire survey. A reward would be granted upon completion such as internet bundles, SMS or any other of Zain Business' services.​


Naba 360 is a tool that allows you to know what social media is saying about your company. The service will retrieve all tweets and news articles related to your organization, its products and services   around the   clock.  Further   analyses of this content will be conducted to indicate your company's position in the community/market. When a new trend (hashtag) suddenly surfaces, it will analyze it, follow it and decides whether to ride the wave or let it subside.​​​

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