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Zain provides advanced communication methods through optical fibers and microwaves, giving customers, in addition to the security methods and advanced infrastructure, reliable services that suit all their needs.


FTTB (Fiber-to-the-Business) is an end-to-end optical fiber infrastructure installed from Zain's network all the way to you.  This service provides very high bandwidth for a more reliable and consistent internet   speed.

Features include:

·      Speed. 

·      Cloud Access.

·      Reliability.

·      Signal Strength.

·      Bandwidth.

·      Symmetric Speed.

·      Latency.

·      Security.​

​Monthly Subscription
23 20
28 25

​Download Capacity
​2 Years
​2 Years
Setup Fees
MiFi with 100GB*
Free Months
​VoIP Standard
​Billing Codes

Leased Line

Today's businesses require information and communication on demand and in real time which requires that the telecom's infrastructure be flexible and robust. Zain Jordan owns a state-of-the-art core network based on MPLS technology to provide converged services for data transmission and primary services. Zain's core network, based on optical fiber, extends across 95% of Jordan, backhauling the data traffic and servicing clients with the latest communication technologies.


1)     Service benefits:

  • Cost saving
  • Increased efficiency and productivity returns.
  • Facilitate flexible and fast expansion
  • Increased business values.
  • Strengthen your competitive position in the market


2)     Zain MPLS Features:

  •  Zain core network based on fiber optic extends through north, south, east and west of Jordan.
  • The fiber network is based on three protected and redundant Fiber Optic rings and state-of-the-art MPLS technology. 
  • Three redundant Data Centers, in three different geographic locations. 
  •  Zain network covers more than 95% of Jordan, backhauling the data traffic on the fiber network infrastructure.
  • The MPLS equipment is hardware protected.
  • The international internet gateways are connected through three different routes with the core network.
  • The customer can access monitoring website to monitor bandwidth usage.
  • Network Operation Center (NOC) monitoring Zain network 24/7.
  • Technical support 24/7 through Zain's call center and On-call qualified technical engineers.
  • Account manager to handle all customer issues.

Broadband 4G/LTE

Customers can enjoy high-speed internet with the most advanced broadband Internet technologies on Zain's 4G/LTE and 3G/HSPA+ networks, with various options for packages including devices (MiFi and routers). Features include:

·       Higher data speeds for IP access.

·       Lower latency.

·       More bands.

·       Wider bandwidths.​

LTE Packages: ​

  • Internet for Business with 500 GB at 12 JDs/Month with free 4G router/MiFi
  • Internet for Business with 1T at 14 JDs/Month with free 4G router/MiFi
  • Internet for Business with 2T at 17 JDs/Month with free 4G router/MiFi​

M2M Data Sim

The M2M Data SIM minimizes your costs and risks as it is the optimal solution for connected devices; on-the-go two-way data only communication such as SMART meters, POA's, SMART cameras, etc to communicate without any human interaction.​

GB Pooling

Gigabyte pooling is the ideal plan for companies that wish to control the internet usage of employees and distribute it accordingly. Features include:

·      Controlled internet usage and distribution.

·      Around the clock monitoring.

·      Unlimited scalability.

·      Data security and reliability.​

Managed SD-WAN Service

SD-WAN or software-defined wide area network is a network solution designed to help enterprises achieve maximum service availability and minimal downtime. Using this managed service, enterprises will gain high-performance networking capabilities that support digital transformation (DX) initiatives to simplify operations and enhance business agility.​

In collaboration with Fortinet, managed SD-WAN will be driven by a professional network administration team and will deliver built-in security plus high-speed networking capabilities, ensuring organizations gain the cloud application access and performance they need along with industry-leading protection that does not compromise speed. Also, the Fortinet Security Fabric provides full protection across the entire digital infrastructure.

Managed SD-WAN Solution Benefits

1-     Network monitoring and application prioritization.

2-     Managing WAN links and monitoring their speeds.

3-     Easy to manage and deploy.

4-     Simple and easy User Interface.

5-     Advanced security, unified threat management UTM and protection of the network and applications.

6-     Connecting local and international branches in an easy and simple way. 

7-     24/7 Technical Support.

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