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Samsung S24+ or Samsung S24 Ultra 

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with 5G business offers

Package Includes the following features:

  • Unlimited local minutes.

  • High amounts of free minutes towards other local operators.

  • Mobile internet data.

  • Free local SMS.

  • Free International Calls.​

  • Incoming roaming minutes.

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5G Business Packages


Elevate your business experience with Zain Business 5G! 

Zain Business offers cutting-edge 5G services, delivering premium connectivity tailored to meet the demands of your business. This encompasses a comprehensive package equipped with a diverse range of exceptional features:


1- Unlimited calls to Zain network.

2- Free minutes towards other local operators. 

3- 5G Mobile Internet.

4- Local SMS. 

5- International Minutes.

6- Roaming Minutes.

7- Big discounts on handsets ​.

*Starts at 20 JDs per month.​

5G Enterprise Bundles

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Experience the fastest internet connection with Zain business 5G service ! 

Get your 5G bundle now by calling *079# to enjoy maximum speed. 

To activate the 5G service, enable 5G on your phone and make sure your device is updated to the latest version. 
For more details, please call 1234 or 1300 or click here​


The below 5G bundle will be offered to our corporate subscribers as specified below:

CapacityPrice (JD)Validity
50 GB5 JDOne Month



*Rules and conditions apply: 

  • The customer handset type should support 5G.
  • The customer should be inside 5G Zone to be able to purchase the bolt as 5G.
  • The validity of the bundle starts immediately after bolt addition.
  • Customers will receive 100% notification upon the full consumption of the bundle.
  • Customer can add the bundle through *079# 
  • Customers can check their remaining balance through *121*3#
  • This offer is available for corporate lines.
  • Above price is tax exclusive


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