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28/05/2018 12:41 AM

Zain’s new  technology provides the fastest Internet connection and the largest Internet coverage across the Kingdom. BroadBand Offers are available through a range of products and servic​​es that specifically meet the needs of individual and home-users based on mobility levels and speed ranges.

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HSPA+ speeds depend on:

  • Number of subscribers connected to the same site
  • Distance from an available site
  • Device used to connect to the Internet (speed capability)
Why HSPA+ and not 3G?
  • HSPA+ provides high Internet speeds up to 21Mbps
  • HSPA+ provides high upload/download speeds
  • HSPA+ offers advanced multimedia and high speed services for a better overall experience
  • HSPA+ allows no YouTube buffering
  • HSPA+ provides high quality video streaming
  • HSPA+ allows the ability to work on multiple applications
  • HSPA+ provides high speed for email download
  • HSPA+ provides high speed for uploading pictures on Facebook pages

For the Following Postpaid Plans:

  • For all existing and new Zain customers, Capacities (GB) on postpaid plans have been increased by 100% for free and monthly
  • When consuming the original capacity (GB) speed will be downgraded t0 64Kbps on all plans and 512Kbps on the unlimited packages, and usage will be free afterwards

Browse through the Below Available Postpaid HSPA+ Broadband Plans to select your Best Fit!

​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


 4G/LTE for Governorates

​​​4G/LTE for Governorates


Now with latest 4G/LTE Postpaid offers for governorates; you can get higher capacities for better prices.




Monthly Subscription (JD)

Total Capacity (GBs)

4G Postpaid Governorates 13



4G Postpaid Governorates 16




·         You can get a Router or MiFi if you commit for two years.

·         Capacities can be used day and night.

·         Parental Control for safe browsing (Z Safe) is available (1.5 JDs Clean, 2 JDs Basic, 4 JDs Advanced).

·         All governorates included except Amman.

·         16% tax will be added

·         Fair use policy and terms and conditions apply.


For more information, please contact the customer care center at 1234, non-Zain subscribers can call 0795797979, visit any of Zain’s showrooms or visit www.jo.zain.com.​ 


 Share Your Subscription

You can now activate more than one SIM card under the same 4G/LTE subscription!
Activate up to two additional SIM cards under your 4G/LTE subscription and enjoy sharing your GBs on more than one device.

The service is available for the packages below



 Main Package MS / JD

4G/LTE Governorate 126 GB


Postpaid Broadband 4G/LTE 82GB


Postpaid Broadband 4G/LTE 100GB


Postpaid Broadband 4G/LTE 200GB


Postpaid Broadband 4G/LTE 300GB



      -       Customer can add only up to 2 SIM cards under the same customer number

      -       The service will include a monthly subscription of 5 JDs​​



M4 Internet is now ready for our Kingdom’s armed forces…​

Capacity, speed, price, and control over family use

The M4 internet bundle is now designed exclusively for members of our armed forces to enjoy higher internet capacities for the best prices. 


Plan Type

Monthly Subscription (JOD)*

Capacity (Gigabytes)





M4 10 Internet




M4 18 Internet


·       With a two-year commitment on Internet M4 18, you will receive a free router or free Mi-Fi.

·       Customer can get up to 3 internet M4 subscriptions (Two M4 18 subscriptions and one M4 10 subscription).

·       Customer must show his/her Army ID.

* Add 16% sales tax.

Additional Service Offers

You can add any of the following services to your M4 Internet subscription:

1.     Z-Safety Services


Protect your family with Z-Safety Services from Zain.






Postpaid M4 10




Postpaid M4 18




-        The service is free with the M4 18 bundle.




2..     Humax H1 Device (OTT Box)

The Android device enables you to transform your TV into a smart TV and use the internet and apps to watch: series, Arab, foreign and Indian films as well as free online channels.

- Yearly subscription to ICFLIX.*

- Monthly subscription to Starz Play.*

- Monthly subscription to Selevision.*

- Monthly subscription to Go Online OSN.*


Get this device with a Zain M4 Internet subscription, and enjoy discounts of up to 100%.



 Home 4G/LTE Bundles



Home 4G/LTE Bundles…
Enjoy the Ultimate 4G internet Bundles Limited-time Offer
Monthly Subscription (JD)
Total Capacity (GB)
No commitment
1 Year Commitment
2 Year Commitment
Monthly Subscription (JD)
Total Capacity (GB)
No commitment
1 Year Commitment
2 Year Commitment
·         Additional 16% sales tax is applied
·         If the customer benefits from the discounts above, devices discount will be no longer valid
·         Customer can add Z-Safety Services
·         Payment in advance provides client with an extra free month
·         Terms and conditions apply
Customer can benefit from discounts on devices upon commitment for one, two or three years:
Home 4G/LTE Bundle 200 GB
12 Months Commitment
24 Months Commitment
36 Months Commitment
Postpaid Broadband 4G/LTE 200 GB
FREE MiFi or Router
FREE MiFi or Router
FREE MiFi or Router
Postpaid Broadband 4G/LTE 300 GB
FREE MiFi or Router
FREE MiFi or Router
FREE MiFi or Router


          The Humax H1 (OTT Box) Device

An Android device can allow you to change your ordinary TV to a Smart one in order to use the internet and apps, giving you access to shows and movies in Arabic, English and Indian

* ICFLIX for 1 year.

* Starz Play for 1 month.

* Selevision for 1 month.

* Go Online OSN for 1 month.

Get this device with 4G/LTE subscriptions, and enjoy discounts up to 100%!

*To activate the above contact please contact 0797002233




          The Z Safe Service

Protect your family with the services of Z Safe from Zain.

* This service is complimentary with the home bundle.



  With the H1 device, your TV becomes Smart and you can receive the ICFLIX service for 1 year and the Starz Play service for one month for free!

* The OSN bundle mentioned above is OSN Entertainment, and you may change the OSN bundle with any of the Zain Broadband subscriptions.

* The Z Safe service is free with home bundles.

* These services are available for new and current subscribers to postpaid internet and mobile lines.

* You can receive TVs, PlayStations and more with discounts and installments in cooperation with Leaders Center.




 Zain Connect Governorates

With the fastest and latest 3G/HSPA+ network in Jordan, Zain Broadband offers new Zain Connect Governorates packages with more capacities that suit all users:
Price (JD)
Capacity (GB)
Day Capacity (GB)
Night Capacity (GB)
Zain Connect Governorates 12 
60 GB
Zain Connect Governorates 16 
172 GB
16% tax to be added to the above prices
Those packages cannot be used inside Amman.
Upon consuming the capacity, the service will be stopped. To regain the service please buy extra GBs through:
·       www.zainhspa.com
·       Zain Services tab on your connection manager
Available Devices and Prices:
Number of Users
Price (JD)
Free with:
Allows user to connect physically to laptop or PC
All packages
Allows user to connect physically to Laptop or PC and WiFi to 5 users
All packages
Wireless and battery based small router that can be carried around and offers WiFi to 11 users.
Zain Connect Amman 8GB (two yeas commitment)
And rest of packages
Two and three years commitment on all packages
Extra GBs:
Can be bought through www.zainhspa.com
​​​​Extra GBs Value
0.25 GB
1 JD
7 Days
​1 GB
3 JDs
30 days
5 GBs
15 JDs
30 days

The abuse policy applies.

Pay in advance for one year and get one month free.



What is Smart2Go?
Smart2Go is an intelligent device running an Android OS which can convert your TV to behave as a smart TV. Smart2Go is a plug and play device which you can plug it into your TV HDMI port and enjoy:
-Internet browsing
-Watch Stunning 1080 HD Videos from YouTube and others
-Social networking
-Sending E-mails.
-Enjoying your favorite apps and games from Google Play Market 
You can connect Smart2Go using your Wi-Fi network or by plugging Zain HSPA+ Dongles.
Smart2Go support DLNA to share digital files from mobile phone, Tablet or any DLNA enabled device to your screen.
Smart2Go includes wireless mini QWERTY Keyboard & Air Mouse Combo that include an Arabic Supported interface, with USB interface receiver; where you can enjoy your internet experience from your sofa in the most comfortable fashion.

Get the device for free with Zain’s internet subscriptions .

1 free GB per month for the first year .
Price / Tax Exclusive
Smart2Go Device & Wireless Remote Control Bundle
75 JD’s
Smart2Go Device & Wireless Remote Control With HSPA Dongle
100 JD’s
The abuse policy applies.
This devices is also available on the below shops:
8th circle shop
Gardens shop
7th circle shop
7th circle Safeway
City mall shop
Mecca mall shop
Shmeisani shop
Shmeisani Safeway shop
Irbid’s shop
Aqaba’s shop
Zarqaa’ shop
Abdoun’s shop
Galleria mall shop
Taj mall- Smart buy