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Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility

Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC)

Considered a landmark in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jordan, Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) left a mark on every entrepreneur who visited it and contributed in turning an innovative idea to a sustainable project that benefits the local community, whereas ZINC played an major role in supporting youth, as it became a first choice to be selected by startups in the kingdom, and the destination for entrepreneurial ideas, and the house that hold various events and sessions that highlight the most important issues of concern to youth and entrepreneurs.

ZINC launched many programs and initiatives that contributed to supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem and developing it, and to support Jordanian youth in achieving their aspirations. The highlight of these programs was "Zain AlMubadara" that targets entrepreneurs and startups, where ZINC launched the fourth version of the program, and received more than 600 innovative ideas from various governorates of the Kingdom, 78 of them qualified for the final stage, and 21 announced winners receive prizes with a total amount of 126 thousand JDs, in addition to obtaining in-kind support from ZINC for a full year, which will ensure the sustainability of these projects.

Zain Jordan recently celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the inauguration of ZINC as the first entrepreneurial incubator and startup enabler established in the Kingdom, where it had inaugurated its first branch on the twelfth of November 2014, and the number of its visitors reached more than 165 Thousand by the end of 2019, including 18,592 visitors during 2019. Moreover, the number of events held by the platform since its inception until were more than 4,000 events and activities, where more than 520 events were held during the year 2019.

ZINC held many sessions for youth with a group of Jordanian and international personalities, including: Major General Pilot Yousef Al-Hunaity, Director of Public Security Major General Fadel Al-Hamoud, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Judeh, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Elia Nuqul Foundation and Deputy Chairman of Nuqul Transport Board, Ghassan Nuqul, a spokeswoman for the British government in the Middle East and North Africa, Alison King and others.

During 2019, ZINC signed 18 new agreements and Memorandums of Understanding with a group of startups, to support them and enable them to grow, develop and expand their business, including: “Sadeq Application”, “Open Close”, “POKE” and “Petfiesta”, bringing the total number of startups supported by ZINC to 157 companies and projects, in addition to another 18 new strategic partnerships were held with global, Arab and local entities and institutions, bringing the number to 120 strategic partners for the platform.

To spread and promote entrepreneurial awareness among college students, ZINC continued to expand and open branches in Jordanian universities, in addition to its branches in the University of Jordan, Yarmouk University and the Hashemite University; ZINC inaugurated two new branches during the year 2019 in two universities Mutah in Karak and Al-Balqa Applied Governorate in Al Balqa governorate, so the total number of ZINC branches across the Kingdom reached 8 branches.

Zain AlMubadara

Zain Jordan as part of its Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility Division has undertaken this initiative to empower youth entrepreneurs by supporting them in turning their innovative ideas into reality. The initiative aims at fulfilling the following objectives:

  • - Empower Jordanian Youth by offering them a fast track route towards establishing their businesses and operating in their targeted markets.
  • - Build capacity through intensive bootcamps that entails coaching and training to ensure growth and sustainability of the idea.
  • - Reach all governorates in the Kingdom by providing opportunities on a national scale.
  • - Support the top innovative ideas that will empower youth, provide resources needed to create future market leaders in various industries, and in the long-run positively impact Jordan’s community and economy through job and opportunity creation.
  • - Enable the Program Winner/s to establish sustainable businesses, offer new disruptive products/services, and build their capacity with the needed skillsets through mentorship programs to become leaders in their markets and eventually scale both geographically and horizontally by entering new markets.

Zain will provide idea-stage funding for the best innovative business ideas that propose solutions that can disrupt markets operating in various industries.

Through Zain AlMubadara, Zain has supported young Jordanians in achieving their ambitions by embracing their ideas and supporting them to grow into successful companies. A comprehensive boot camp has been held to include the necessary workshops to develop the skills of participants in various fields such as entrepreneurship, Communication and leadership skills to ensure the growth and continuity of the business of the participants and to ensure that they have a leading role in the market. The best ideas were chosen to provide comprehensive support for these projects to grow and thrive to reflect positively on society in general and on economy. Especially in Jordan. Zain will enable the winners to create sustainable projects that benefit the community, operate Jordanian labor and provide local services and products.

The selection process was conducted by a jury of leading entrepreneurs and CEOs from the public and private sectors. The committee evaluated the candidates according to certain standards based on fairness and transparency. The points were distributed on the business model, feasibility study, access to the consumer, Practical opportunities and the feasibility of the idea.

Zain AlMubadara aims at embracing pioneering ideas and projects and providing them with the necessary support to turn into productive projects that generate income for their owners in order to improve the sector of entrepreneurship in Jordan. This sector is important in reducing unemployment by creating employment opportunities for young people.

Zain signs strategic agreements with 5 new startups

Zain, through Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC), has signed agreements and memoranda of understanding (MoUs) to support a number of startups to enable them to grow and develop The agreements were signed by Zain Jordan CEO, Fahad AlJasem, and Qusay Abu Shanab" on behalf of "Sadeeq", Amr Darwish on behalf of "LYV", Mohammad Kifaya on behalf of "Poke", Raad Abu Hazim representing "Petfiesta" and Maram Ahmad representing “Open Close”. This step comes in line with Zain’s strategy to support startups in the field of entrepreneurship, which caters for the needs of enhancing the entrepreneurial environment, because of its positive impact on the Jordanian economy, and on the owners of these projects, through the creation of jobs and provide them with income. Zain is one of the first companies that started to support and develop entrepreneurship in the Kingdom, since 2013. LYV is dedicated to real estate research in the Kingdom, and Poke: a company specializing in technology services such as server solutions, data center, enterprise network infrastructure, security solutions. Petfiesta is a company specializing in the provision of pet services through the phone application, also it allows users to contact other pet owners. “Open Close” is specialized in e-marketing and the first to own a smartphone application in the region to search for sites and display on digital maps. Since its inception, ZINC has supported 162 start-ups and entrepreneurial projects in several fields. To know more about these startups please visit the following links:​

Zain Group teams up with GSMA to disclose Climate Impacts

• Bader Al Kharafi: “Climate change is a material risk that not only impacts humanity today, but also will impact the ability of future generations to thrive” • GSMA-Led Climate Initiative to Develop Decarbonisation Pathway for Mobile Sector Zain announces it has teamed up with the GSMA and many of the world’s largest mobile operator groups to start disclosing their climate impacts as part of a major new GSMA-led initiative to develop a mobile industry climate action roadmap in line with the Paris Agreement. Zain along with more than 50 mobile operators – which together account for more than two thirds of mobile connections globally – are now disclosing their climate impacts, energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions via the internationally recognised CDP system (Global Disclosure Project). The move will enable full transparency for investors and customers involved in the mobile sector. Many of the companies are disclosing for the first time as part of the GSMA-led initiative. The disclosures form the first phase of an industry-wide, climate action roadmap. The next phase will see the development of a decarbonisation pathway for the mobile industry aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), to be in place by February 2020. This will include the development of an industry-wide plan to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050 in line with the Paris Agreement. Bader Al Kharafi, Zain Vice Chairman and Group CEO commented, “Zain is taking an affirmative step to align with the UN global ambition to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050. We recognize that climate change is a material risk that not only impacts humanity today, but also will impact the ability of future generations to thrive.” “Today’s announcement marks the start of an unprecedented, collaborative action by the mobile industry to tackle the climate emergency, demonstrating how the private sector can show leadership and responsibility in addressing one of the gravest challenges facing our planet,” said Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA. “The mobile industry will form the backbone of the future economy and therefore has a unique opportunity to drive change across multiple sectors and in collaboration with our suppliers, investors and customers.” “We welcome this landmark move by the mobile sector to disclose its climate impacts via CDP, which demonstrates a clear step-up in commitment to providing transparency to its investors and customers as part of an industry-wide approach,” said Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP. “As a result of these disclosures, mobile operators will be able to measure and understand their environmental impact, helping them to build sustainability into the heart of their businesses.” The new methodology designed specifically for the mobile sector in limiting global warning will provide parameters to accelerate the rate at which mobile operators set their own targets. The timescale at which individual companies reach the target will depend on several factors, including their geographic location and their ability to access renewable energy. It is expected that some companies will meet the net zero target significantly ahead of the 2050 deadline. Zain along with the mobile industry is also committed to advancing mobile technology innovations in areas such as big data and IoT that can enable energy efficient and environmental solutions across multiple sectors, including transport, manufacturing, agriculture, building, energy. This agreement between the Zain and other mobile operators with the GSMA forms part of the industry’s journey to support the delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically SDG #13 on Climate Action, and its mission to intelligently connect everyone and everything to a #BetterFuture.


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