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23/09/2019 10:36 AM
Fiber Internet Jordan - Zain Fiber Optic
 Zain Fiber



Subscribe now and get free months up to 6 months

at 2 years commitment

starting from 30’s JD’s per month




Free Months



Capacity (Gigabytes)

Speed (Mbps)




80 Mbps




*160 Mbps




*300 Mbps​















Subscribe now and get free months


1)      Prices do not include sales tax

2)       Installment fees are Free 

3)      Free MiFi 

4)      Free 100GB internet Monthly 

5)      Free months

6)      get Huawei Tablet for 6JD per month on 2 Years commitment​

* Upload speed equals half the download speed





​Zain Fiber is a high-speed internet service unique in its End-to-End Fiber infrastructure and completely insulated from environmental interferences. This guarantees high quality connection and a great experience which enables users to enjoy uninterrupted smart home solutions such as cameras and entertainment through the internet like streaming movies, TV series, games and much more.   

Zain’s technical team installs your fiber connection according to the highest standards within a period determined through the infrastructural readiness of your region.  

Unique for:

True unlimited download capacity with no capping. 

The Safe Internet Service, available for free for 160 and 300 Megabyte bundles. 

Free fiber router. 


Special prices for BeIN Connect subscriptions.




Areas where coverage is available:


Zain Fiber is now available in these areas: 

Khalda, Al Kahledeen, Um Al Summaq, Shmesani, Al Redwan, Abdoun South, Al Yasmeen, Al Nakheel, Hay Al Sahabeh, Abdoun North, Dabouq, Dahyet Amir Rashed, Al Kursi, Al Jandaweel, Swaifeyeh, Dair Ghbar, Tlaa AlAli East, Hay Alslam, Hay AlSahl, Hay Alsalheen, Um Uthaina East, Um Uthaina West, Tlaa AlAli North, Al Rawabi and Marj Al-Hamam




To find out more please get in touch through our chat service at the Zain website or call 0792001234