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15/12/2018 05:45 PM

 Zain AlMubadara 3

Brief of the competition

Zain Jordan as part of its Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility Division has undertaken this initiative to empower youth entrepreneurs by supporting them in turning their innovative ideas into reality. The initiative aims at fulfilling the following objectives: 
Zain will provide idea-stage funding for the best innovative business ideas that propose solutions that can disrupt markets operating in various industries.
• Empower Jordanian Youth by offering them a fast track route towards establishing their businesses and operating in their targeted markets.
 • Build capacity through intensive bootcamps that entails coaching and training to ensure growth and sustainability of the idea.
• Reach all governorates in the Kingdom by providing opportunities on a national scale.
• Support the top innovative ideas that will empower youth, provide resources needed to create future market leaders in various industries, and in the long-run positively impact Jordan’s community and economy through job and opportunity creation. 
• Enable the Program Winner/s to establish sustainable businesses, offer new disruptive products/services, and build their capacity with the needed skillsets through mentorship programs to become leaders in their markets and eventually scale both geographically and horizontally by entering new markets. 
• First Prize: 15,000 JOD Access to fund.
• Second Prize: 7,000 JOD Access to fund.
• Third Prize: a total of 20,000 JOD access to fund, divided equally between 4 ideas where the prize is 5,000 JOD.
• Fourth Prize: Access to fund of 24,000 JOD in total divided equally between 12 ideas where the prize is 2,000 JOD. 
This prize aims at supporting the innovative ideas in all governorates across Jordan to take the winning ideas forward by providing financial support.