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25/08/2019 05:24 AM



eSIM, the more advanced alternative!


eSIM is the digital or electronic version of the more familiar SIM card and is installed in the device.



With eSIM technology, there is no need to insert an actual SIM card in the device, and subscribers can easily switch between personal and work numbers. In addition, this feature allows you to install multiple SIM cards in your device without needing to use a traditional SIM card ever again.


If you are one of our current subscribers, you can switch to an eSIM for free. New subscribers can get their eSIM from any of Zain’s points of sale. Upon activation, 35 GB will be added for free, valid for one use and added only once.



Devices that support eSIM:



SIM only works if the device supports the service. The devices that currently support eSIM are: iPhone XR, iPhone XS or XS Max.




How to activate your eSIM:


-          Make sure your device is connected to the internet.


-          Make sure that your iPhone software is 12.1 or the most recent update.


-          Go to your phone settings and choose “cellular”.


-          Choose “Add Cellular Plan”.


-          You will be requested to open the camera (or it will automatically open) and the statement “Scan the QR Code” will appear. Scan the QR code.


-          Once the eSIM is active you will get a notification. Choose “Add Cellular Plan” to continue and then follow the instructions on the screen.


-          In case you’re using two SIM cards, you will have to select a primary and a secondary SIM card. You can do so immediately after activating your eSIM.




1- The instructions above are for iPhone devices; any other brand might have a different activating process. Therefore, please refer to your device’s user manual to know how to activate the eSIM on it. 


2- Keep your QR / activation code in a safe place to avoid any misuse. We also recommend you keep an electronic copy in your records, especially if you change your phone or accidentally delete the eSIM’s configuration file from your phone.