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23/09/2019 10:40 AM

 Dual SIM card

Dual SIM allows the subscriber to have two numbers active at the same time from the same handset.

Using dual SIM, the subscriber can do the following:

  • Have two numbers on the same handset
  • Receive calls on both numbers at the same time ( using the forward option)
  • Numbers can be a combination of postpaid and prepaid subscriptions

    * To subscribe to this service please visit one of our shops. 

Service Fees 

one time charge of JD 20 with no monthly subscription. 

The cost of lines will depend on the type of the package or the prepaid line that the customer has. 

How to switch between lines:

  • Go to the STK (Zain) menu on your handset
  • Select DUAL SIM
  • Select define account in order to assign a name to each line
  • Once both number/lines have been assigned names the line customer can switch by:
  • Selecting DUAL SIM
  • Selecting account 
  • Selecting switch
  • Then the customer will have the choice to check which line is active, switch between lines, switch and divert & cancel diverts.


  • Service is Available to all Zain Subscribers
  • Both lines must be active ( NOT DISCONECTED) at all times when using DUAL SIM