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​​​​​​Zain 8+Zain 8+

Zain 8+

Subscription (Including Tax): 10.49 JD

Main Internet bundle: 15 GB

Local operator's minutes & SMS: Unlimited 

Jawaal Palestine minutes: Unlimited

Data stacking: up to 5GB's

Subscription amount: 8JD

Subscription card: Mix 4+4

Subscription period: 28 days


Data Stacking:  

  • “Zain 8+" line customers will benefit from the data stacking feature; whereby customers will be granted incremental additional GBs once they renew their subscription on time or before due date.
  • Each time the customer proceeds in the renewal/early renewal action; he/she will be granted an increment of 1GB to his/her stack; with a maximum cap of 5 GBs. 


    • The first renewal/early renewal action; customer will get additional 1 GB to his/her assigned quota.
    • The second renewal/early renewal action; customer will get additional 2 GBs to his/her assigned quota. Etc.
    • The fifth renewal/early renewal action; customer will get additional 5 GBs to his/her assigned quota.

               Starting from fifth renewal/early renewal action and onwards; customer will get fixed 5 GBs, unless he/she gets into the grace status.

  • Once the customer enters grace status, he/she will lose the incremental GB's that was granted and the count will reset to zero; hence the at first renewal action he/she he will get 1GB, and so on.
  • Customers will lose the incremental GBs in change package (downgrade) and the count will reset to zero; hence at the first renewal action he/she he will get 1GB, and so on.

Terms and conditions: 

  • This offer is available for new and existing customers through *800# and Zain Jo App.
  • In case there is not enough credit in the internet balance to renew the subscription, the remaining balance will be deducted from the calls balance.
  • Sales tax is 16% on internet part and 46.16% on calls part.
  • Unlimited minutes and SMS: 20000 minutes on Zain Network, 3000 minutes on other local networks, 3000 local SMS (Maximum of 110  SMS per day), 3000 minutes on Jawwal Palestine.

·       To renew the subscription at any time during the month, dial *358# or through zain jo App.
The internet balance must be charged to the internet wallet and the call balance to the call wallet, otherwise the entire value will be deducted from the call balance.

  • Customers can know the number of remaining free minutes via *116*1# and to know about free internet bundles and messages via *116*2# or through Zain Jo app.
  • SMS is rated based on number of characters (English text range 1- 160 characters & Arabic text range is less than 70 characters) is considered one SMS. 
  • Any additional calls beyond the minutes offered will be charged 2 piasters per minute for all local networks and local SMS; and 4fils for the internet per MB.
  • Additional internet bundles can be purchased via *079#
  • The offer is available in all Zain shops and sub-dealers.
  • Please note that the generic line should be activated by selecting the preferred tariff and to benefit from the tariff features. 
  • Data is rated up to 10 kilobytes upon each internet session.
  • International & local calls are rated per minutes.


For more information, please call 1234 for Zain subscribers. For non-Zain subscribers, please call 0795797979 or visit any of Zain shop across the kingdom. 


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