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​Visiting ​Jordan​


You can feel at home when roaming with Zain, Jordan’s leading operator and strongest network.

Zain provides you with access to efficient international roaming services, good roaming rates, superior voice quality and the widest national coverage.

How to connect to the Zain Network?

  • You can only use Zain if your own network has an existing roaming agreement with Zain.
  • Once you’re connected to Zain, your mobile will display JOR01 or Zain JO or 41601.

There are two ways of selecting Zain Jordan while roaming in Jordan:

  1. Network Selection: Network selection will be​ done automatically by the customer's handset.
  2. Manual Netwok Selection:

Manual network selections depends on the customer's handset type.

How to make a call using Zain Network:

  • Calls within Jordan:
  • You should dial the local area code of the place you are calling (landline) e.g. 06 for Amman, followed by the 7 digit telephone number e.g. 06 XXXXXXX.

  • Calls within Zain:
  • Zain mobile numbers start with 079 followed by a 7 digit telephone number e.g. 079 XXXXXXX.

  • Calls outside of Jordan:
  • You should dial the International access code, country code and area code, followed by the telephone number.

Know more about the packages and offers through Zain Customer Service by dialing +962790001234 and you’re also welcome to visit any of Zain’s showrooms.


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