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​Roaming Bundles


Prepaid Bundles
Postpaid Bundles

Receiving Calls While Roaming Package:

Receive calls while roaming around the world at reduced rates, shown in the table below:

CoverageSubscription FeeCall Receiving Rate
Worldwide3 JD/ Month15 Ps /PAYG
  • The package is available for all prepaid lines.
  • This package can be added by dialing * 143 #.
  • After adding the package, the minute of reception becomes 15 piasters / minute for one month.
  • The cost of the package is 3 JDs, which is for one time (non-renewable).

Vodafone Bundle:

Enjoy a fixed and unified prices for roaming on Vodafone global network and keep in touch with the family and friends:

Receiving minutes9 piasters / minute
Outgoing call (Local)50 piasters / minute
Outgoing call (to Jordan)1 JOD / minute
Outgoing SMS0.20 JD/SMS
  • The bundle can be added for free through *357#.
  • This bundle can be used while roaming abroad using Vodafone network in Australia, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Portugal, Albania, Malta, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Romania, Ireland, Ghana, South Africa, United Kingdom, Tanzania, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Hungary.
  • In order to benefit from this offer, the roaming service should be activated through the shops.


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