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​Go 75​ Plus

Monthly subscription (Including Tax): 98.31 JOD

Get introduced to Zain’s most flexible bundles & offers, Zain Postpaid Service! Specially designed to best meet your lifestyle.​

Learn more about postpaid plans, promotions and get the chance to reach out for your ideal lifestyle.​​​​

  • Local internet (4G/LTE): 100GB
  • Local minutes1:  Unlimited​​​
  • International minutes2: 300
  • Jawwal Palestine minutes: 3000
  • One network minutes3: 200

  • Roaming receiving minutes4: 300​
  • Local SMS1: Unlimited
  • Data carry over5: Yes
  • Private number service & missed call alert: Yes​​​​​​​​​​

  • ​Smartphone6: Yes​​​​​​
  • Monthly Subscription7: 75 JOD

Extra benefits:

​-        New customers will get 50 monthly free international minutes to certain destinations*.

-        You can get a free smartphone (from a certain collection of devices) upon 24 months commitment.


Charges after consuming the monthly benefits: 

-        1 piaster/minute to all Zain network.

-        2 piasters/minute to other local networks.

-        3 piasters/local SMS without delivery.  

-        4 fils /MB for local data 

-        International and roaming receiving calling according to the destination.


Important notes:​

-        Roaming service can be activated through the shops.

-        Calling are rated per minute.

-       Data is rated upon session closure up to 10 KB.

-       SMS is rated as per number of characters; the one SMS is considered 1- 160 character in English and 1-70 in Arabic​


Terms and Conditions:

  1. ​​Fair usage policy applies 20,000 minutes to call Zain network, 4,000 minutes to call other local networks and 5,000 local SMS (up to 170 SMS/Day).​
  2. The international minutes are limited to certain destinations*.
  3. "One network" minutes to be used for calling Zain Jordan numbers within the One Network operators; (Zain KSA, Zain Iraq, Jawwal Palestine, Zain Bahrain, and Zain Sudan)​
  4. ​​The roaming receiving minutes are worldwide including the extra charges.
  5. Maximum data carry over is 200% of the original embedded​ data.
  6. Discounts on smartphones upon 24 months commitment. 
  7. The tax is applied on the monthly subscription as 16% on internet part & 46.16% on calls and SMS part.

* The international destinations are subject to change, to know the destinations press here​.​​


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