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Get higher internet capacities for the best prices with 4G+ Offers 


Introducing the latest version of the fourth generation network 4G+ and the new CAT 6 & 7 MBB devices with a special promotion for the Tera 4G/LTE postpaid customers. This promotion is available for all new customers and existing customers who finished their commitments, in Amman and Governorates.

Now you can purchase any of the Tera packages below with the new MBB devices; the CAT 6 & 7 Router or MiFi.

Package DescriptionPackage Capacity (GB)Package MS (JD)Package CommitmentFree Device
4G/LTE Gov Tera1,000172 YearsCAT4 Router / or CAT4 MiFi
Postpaid 4G/LTE 1,000 GB 2 year1,000
202 YearsCAT6 Router / or CAT7 MiFi
Postpaid 4G/LTE 1,000 GB (promotional)1,000172 YearsCAT4 Router / or CAT4​ MiFi


·       This promotion will be available for new sales and existing customers who finished their commitment (re-contracting).

·       Normal MBB postpaid rules apply.

·       This promotion is for a limited time only.


Definition of 'CAT' (What does CAT6 mean?):

Category broadband devices are often shorted to 'CAT', so you may see Category 6 devices labelled as CAT 6. Previous models of Zain 4G routers were considered as CAT 4, while the new devices are considered as CAT 6 which support the LTE advanced technology or 4G+.



·       The speed you experience isn't just about what the network can offer, it's also about what your mobile device/4G router can accept. Category 6 devices, for example, can get a theoretical maximum of 300 Mbps, while Category 4 devices get 150 Mbps.

·       The higher the Category number, the faster the speeds.

·       Practically, CAT 6 devices can achieve at least double the speed provided by CAT 4 devices in most network locations; for example, if a current 4G user gets 10 Mbps speed using CAT 4 router in a location, then he/she can get around 20 Mbps speed in the same location using the new CAT 6 device with the 4G+ technology.



·       CAT 6 devices connect to two spectrum bands at once, aggregating both to give faster download speeds. Phones/Routers that support CAT 4 radios can only connect to one band at a time and give you a top 4G theoretical download speed of 150 Mbps.

·       CAT 6 devices, which can provide, in theory, a top 4G+ download speed of 300 Mbps.



·       The fastest speeds will only be accessible on devices with Category 6 radios inside them.

·       CAT 6 router is a wireless terminal with LTE advanced standard (4G+ Technology), bringing higher speeds and more capacity to LTE networks. As the typical CAT 6 feature, multiple LTE carriers can be combined to achieve greater total bandwidth in a process called Carrier Aggregation (CA).



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