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23/09/2019 10:34 AM


What is the E-Government Program? The E-Government program provides customers with access to government services and information through channels such as WAP Push links, SMS gate, e-mail and others. To learn more, customers can visit the E-government portal at: www.jordan.gov.jo Menus are only available in Arabic.
List of Services:
  • Amman Municipality - vehicle tickets and complaints
  • Driver and Vehicle Licenses Department - vehicle license expiration dates
  • Jordan Customs - vehicle customs, guarantee orders, etc.
  • Meyahuna مياهنا/Amman - water Bills
  • Income and Sales Tax Department – outstanding income balance for individuals and companies
  • Housing and Urban Development Corporation - notifications and information on housing and land tenders
How to Use the Service:
  • Customers must send and empty message to 94444
  • Customers will receive a message with the list of services. Each service has a number or code.
  • Customers must reply through SMS with the service number or code and they will then receive a message with the required information.
  • Customers can send the service number as a separate message to receive information on each service directly.
  • Customers will be charged when receiving a reply message containing information.
Cost of Using the E-Government Service:
  • For Push messages (subscription based): JOD0.05/SMS
  • For Pull messages (on demand only): JOD0.07/SMS