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23/09/2019 10:39 AM

 Zain Track

Zain Track

Zain Track is a Vehicle Tracking and Vehicle Anti-theft service to manage cars and fleets. The service works by installing a GPS device inside the vehicle, which continuously sends the vehicle’s location to a central system.



With Zain Track you can:

1.  Locate your vehicle/s on a map, with street address and closest landmark

2.  Live monitoring of the vehicle’s current trip or past trips

3.  Get an alert for unauthorized vehicle movement (can be activated or deactivated)

4.   Switch off the vehicle in a safe way to retrieve it in case of car theft or an unauthorized movement

5.    Track and control through a Mobile Application Zain Track on (IOS and Android) and any web browser or SMS.


Subscription Fees:

·         Postpaid subscription




Monthly Subscription


Device Cost



Zain Track 1



1 Year

Zain Track 2



2 Year

Zain Track 3



2 Year

Device Installation:



Fees (JOD)



Device installation Site (Amman - Dabouq)


Inside Amman and Zarqa


Outside Amman and Zarqa


Inside Aqaba and Resha


1.  All prices are subject to taxes.

2.  The subscriber has to be the vehicle owner

3.  Personal identification for the vehicle owner

4.  Vehicle License that belongs to the car owner

5.  The subscriber will be contacted to arrange for GPS device installation within 72 hours from subscription

6.   A GPS device and antenna will be securely installed and completely hidden in the vehicle

7.   Device installation and activation will require 1 hour.

8.   The device warranty is 1 Year and it is void in case of abuse (break / fire / liquids / cut the GPS antenna / cut electricity cable / disconnecting device or immobilizer)

9.   The service can be applied on Motorcycles.

10.   In case the vehicle is still under its Dealer’s warranty, the customer should arrange with his vehicle’s Dealer an appointment to do the installation at their side so as not to void the warranty on his vehicle, in some cases the Dealers will apply fees for using their garages and professional services and this fees will differ from one Dealer to another.



For more information please call the Zain Customer Care Center at 1234. Customers not subscribed to Zain can call 0795797979, or visit any of our shops.