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March 2017

Zain Jordan inaugurated VEGA 079 gym, at King Hussein Business Park, in cooperation with Fitness Vega gym and in partnership with King Hussein Business Park, whereas the VEGA 079 Gym will enable employees of Zain and King Hussein Business Park to benefit from the gym’s facilities.

March 2017

Zain Jordan started the second phase of providing public schools in the kingdom’s governorates with interactive white boards, as per the agreement that was signed with the Ministry of Education at 2015, that lasts for 5 years and with that total amount of one million dollars.

February 2017

Zain Jordan and King Hussein Business Park signed an agreement to establish a regional data center and a disaster recovery center at the premises of king Hussein Business Park, that is after Zain has won a tender to rent, rehabilitate, manage and operate the secured Data Center for the coming 20 years

February 2017

The first Jordanian pavilion was launched at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2017, at Barcelona, Spain in cooperation with Zain Jordan, Manaseer Group, the Information and Communication Technology Association "Intaj", USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program (JCP), the Jordan Tourism Board, Qattous group and Luminus Group.

October 2016

Zain Jordan in cooperation with Vocational Training Corporation and the Universities of Jordan Alumni UAE inaugurated Zain’s fourth training center for mobile maintenance in Hakama village in Irbid governorate.

September 2016

Zain Jordan in cooperation with Tibbi team launched Application “Tibbi”, which features the service of providing medical and health recommendations through smart phones. The application also provides the service of calling a doctor anywhere and at anytime.

April 2016 

For the first time in the kingdom, Zain Jordan launched the e-service “Zain Home Security” which is available for Jordanians across the kingdom.



August 2015
Zain launched Car-Fi service, for the first time in the kingdom, that provides wireless 4G /LTE internet inside the vehicles to its new postpaid broadband customers of public and private car owners, with the aim to enrich their experience of using the internet at high quality and efficiency, anywhere and everywhere. The new service is provided in the form of various bundles of 4G/LTE technology that enable customers to enjoy high speed internet that reaches up to 150 Megabit, where the new Car-Fi device can provide internet connection to 10 devices at reasonable prices.

April 2015

Her Majesty Queen Rania visited Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC) as part of her interest in and continuous support for Jordanian entrepreneurs.During the visit, the Queen met with Zain Jordan CEO Ahmad Hanandeh and spoke with several groups of entrepreneurs about their startups.
April 2015
Zain Jordan started deploying the logistics required to execute the first phase of the system of monitoring and tracking governmental vehicles, as per the governmental tender won by Zain in collaboration with its strategic partners “Tracklink” and General Computers & Electronics Co.
February 2015
Zain Jordan officially launched 4G\LTE Technology that features very high speeds and high capacities, with a coverage reach across all governorates. The kingdom will enter a new era of advanced technologies that matches the standards of global telecom markets, where Zain will be the first operator to provide 4G\LTE services in the local market, and by that Jordan to become the 9th country to introduce this technology among the Arab countries.
February 2015
Zain Jordan announced a partnership with Samsung Electronics Co., the global leader in digital technologies and digital convergence, within the framework of the agreement between Zain Group and Samsung Electronics Co., which enables Zain Jordan customers for the first time across the kingdom, to buy applications along to digital content available in Galaxy Apps, through direct operator billing system, which provides payment solutions that are easy and secured
November 2014
His Majesty King Abdullah II accompanied with Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah inaugurated Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC), which is considered the first of its kind in the Kingdom in the realm of supporting entrepreneurs and startups and providing them with an environment equipped with latest technologies. His Majesty inaugurated the campus on the sidelines of the activities of MENA ICT Forum 2014
November 2014
Zain Jordan launched “Zain Fiber” services to enrich its customers ‘experience that is driven by (FTTH – Fiber-To-The-Home) technology that provides premium quality and stable internet with high speed that reaches up to 1 GB per second. Zain tailored this service in various monthly subscription packages and launched it in Swiefeh and Dair Ghbar in Amman. Zain Fiber is an end to end optical fiber infrastructure installed from Zain’s network all the way to the boundary of the customer’s home. This service allows Zain to provide a higher bandwidth, reaching 1 Gigabit per second, therefore presenting a more robust and secured internet, video, IPTV, voice, and online gaming services accompanied by a smooth and enjoyable experience and symmetrical upstream and downstream speed.
July 2014
Zain expanded its free Wi-Fi provision by offering free of charge wireless internet (Wi-Fi) services in several public locations and touristic sites in the kingdom, which enables the site visitors to enjoy high speed internet.The public locations selected by Zain according to the population percentage and number of visitors, where these locations are considered “Hot Spots” that provide free Wi-Fi internet in Down Town, Abdoun, Shmeisani, Um Uthaina, AlRabyeh and in the archeological sites in Jerash in addition to the Babtism site in Madaba. Zain has previously provided free wireless internet services in Rainbow Street, Wakalat Street, North Gate at Jordan University and in the premises of King Hussein Business Park.

June 2014
Zain Jordan provided a cloud-based video monitoring service “Zain Camera” that enables customers to monitor their houses live via their smartphones and internet browser on their tablets and computers.
“Zain Camera” service can be easily installed as it automatically detects the camera/s in your network and connects it to the cloud, and it provides safe storage for recordings that are hosted in well-secured data centers and can be retrieved at any time. Customers can schedule their cloud recordings easily and simply tag the days and hours wanted to be recorded in addition to defining what triggers the record on.

June 2014
Zain Jordan and Maysalward, the leading regional mobile games development company, announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement that entails supporting youth from the mobile games developers segment through adopting their applications and promoting them in the local market during the first phase and in the regional and global markets at later phases.
April 2014
Zain Jordan announced the launch of international roaming offers within the countries in which Vodafone network operates. The new international roaming offers targets Zain’s postpaid individuals and corporate customers, where customers will benefit from the roaming offers along with global existence of Vodafone network , which operates in  20 countries across the world  , through reduced & fixed prices. The offers, also include roaming services for voice & data with ranges of monthly subscriptions at reduced cost according to the capacity.
April 2014
Zain acquired the license to provide the four Generation services “LTE” for the first time in the kingdom, where these services provide four times the speed of the third generation services. Zain will launch LTE services to include all the governorates of the Kingdom in the fourth quarter of 2014. Zain will also, be launching high speeds and large capacities services  through the LTE technology with speeds up to 150 MB per second in order to enrich the experience of customers while enjoying the existing services such as Internet Protocol Television IPTV, and multimedia applications, video conferencing , broadcasting content in high resolution, managing video blogs for educational programs and entertainment, along with the ability to upload videos to social networking platforms with exceptional speeds.


October 2013

Zain established a dedicated Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER) division, within the company’s departments, where Zain becomes accordingly the first company in the kingdom that its organizational structure includes an assigned section to support and develop the startups projects submitted by young entrepreneurs. The establishment of the division is considered a new addition to the company's path that contributes to change the quality of the traditional models through evolving its organizational structure.

September 2013
Zain Jordan launched “Family Net” offer, which provides integrated internet packages to be compatible with the needs and aspirations of all users, where the new offer which is presented for the first time in the Kingdom, introduces three variable bouquets of Internet services with more than one SIM card and more than one device within the same bill
September 2013
Zain Jordan launched “Zain track” service for vehicle tracking and protection from theft, available for vehicles owners of all Zain customers and other network customers as well. This service is introduced for the first time in the Kingdom in cooperation with Traklink Company that provides the technical support for this service.


August 2013
Zain Jordan concluded a cooperation agreement with Eastern Hotels & Resorts, owning company of Millennium Hotel Amman, through which the former provides Google Business Applications in accordance with business requirements and the needs of the Hotel at about 75 applications for one year.

August 2013
Zain Group announces its selection of eServGlobal (LSE: ESG & ASX: ESV), for the provision of an end-to-end mobile money solution that will be deployed across group operations. Paris based, eServGlobal is an innovative software vendor specializing in mobile money and value-added services for the telecommunication and financial services industries.

July 2013
Zain Jordan became an authorized reseller of the Google Apps™ suite of communication and collaboration tools. Google Apps addition to Zain’s voice and data product portfolio will add value and cost savings to businesses of all sizes in all sectors of the Jordanian market.

June 2013
Zain Jordan announced its activation of the new rating system developed by Ericsson, where this system provides an efficient and flexible mechanism in rating the services provided by the company to all of its customers according to a smart pricing system that considers the variety of convergent as well as integrated telecom solutions.

June 2013
Zain Jordan introduced the global Wi-Fi data roaming service to be offered to its customers while roaming across borders. This service, the first of its kind for mobile data users in the Kingdom, enables customers to enjoy the Wi-Fi service in more than 1.2 million locations in 117 countries around the world in collaboration with iPass Inc. the leading provider of mobile services for enterprises and telecom service providers
April 2013
Zain Jordan lunched, for the first time in the Kingdom, a free self-care application: “ZainJo Application” that enables Zain subscribers using smart phones to access their personal accounts, in addition to requesting services and enabling them to get further information about the latest offers and services provided by Zain.



January 2013
Zain Group announced its strategic partnership with OSN, the region’s leading pay-TV network, by which Zain customers in Kuwait and Bahrain can purchase OSN subscriptions and services directly from Zain retail stores along with the mobile operator’s regular selection of communication services. The partnership also opens up access to digital TV entertainment with Zain customers gaining access to premium and exclusive Arabic and English entertainment anytime, anywhere on a number of devices through OSN Play, the region’s first online TV viewing platform.

January 2013
Zain Group has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hamdan Bin Mohammed eUniversity (HBMeU) for the launch of the Zain eSuccess Social Online Learning Project. HBMeU is a first mover in e-learning in the Arab World, being the first accredited e-learning academic institution by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

November 2012

Zain Jordan and Airport International Group (AIG) signed an agreement by which Zain manages the management of the network of information and communications services in the new terminal at Queen Alia International Airport. The company will provide advanced infrastructure to accommodate the large numbers of passengers in the airport terminal.

September 2012

Zain Group and Vodafone Group jointly announce a Partner Market agreement that will significantly expand Vodafone's Partner Market presence in the Middle East and provide Zain customers with greater support in Vodafone's global footprint.
August 2012
Zain signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Information Technology Center by which Zain will equip and renovate five knowledge stations by providing internet services, computers, laser printers, optical scanners, data shows in addition to the required furniture and equipment.
December 2011
Zain signed a memorandum of understanding with the Arab States Research and Education Network (ASREN), aiming to strengthen the cooperation and partnership between the two parties, where Zain Jordan will utilize its potential in the fiber-optic networks and cloud computing systems, in order to serve the objectives of the organization in making Jordan a major Hub.


October 2011
Zain announced the launch of its first sustainable report for the year 2010. Entitled “15 years of changing the face of Jordan” and launched on the occasion of Zain’s 16th year anniversary, the report is the first to be launched by a telecom operator in Jordan and offers a detailed description of the company’s performance on financial, environmental and social issues.
September 2011
Zain is the first telecom operator in the Kingdom introducing an anti-spam system, allowing subscribers to get rid of unwanted messages under a new system. The anti-spam system will help subscribers to stop receiving unwanted spam or commercial messages through several methods.

May 2011
Microsoft Jordan and Zain Jordan signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that facilitates engaging in a deeper partnership that will focus on defining, marketing and selling products, solutions and services to address the needs of enterprises, governments and small/medium segments in the region. The partnership will focus on three dimensions including Hosted Cloud Collaboration, Public Cloud Collaboration and Windows Devices Collaboration.

May 2011
Zain launched an exclusive service for Zain customers by which they can view a selection of videos from Discovery Science and Animal Planet channels, on their mobile handsets.
April 2011
Zain announced the full hook-up of its network to neighboring Iraq via an optical fiber cable. The network has been linked to the network of the Iraqi telecommunication corporation through the optical fibers cable that ends in Baghdad.
March 2011
Zain launched high – speed Zain Broadband services through modern HSPA+ technology. The new cutting edge and user friendly service will offer unprecedented speed for mobile internet data services across all Jordanian governorates upon its launch.
January 2011
Zain has launched the Zain E-mal mobile wallet service, which is an exclusive service aimed at giving Zain customers more tools and solutions for their financial transactions.
June 2010
Zain Jordan and I(TS)², the Middle East’s premier provider of Managed Security Services, announce a strategic alliance where Zain will Co-Brand I(TS)²’s Managed Security Services to be provided to Zain’s customers.
February 2010
Zain launched, in cooperation with Ijazza, a new and innovative service for its customers who now have access to a large and varied database of tourist information in Jordan
January 2010
Zain Group and Palestine Communications Group (Paltel) announce the launch of the groundbreaking ‘One Network’ service between Jordan and Palestine, serving mobile customers in both countries.
December 2009
Zain announced the launch of its electronic games portal for all its customers through their mobile phones, which is available through the company's exclusive website Zain Create. The portal, provided by Zain in collaboration with GETMO ARABIA Company will be available in both the Arabic and English languages.
April 2009
Zain launches its comprehensive data services through its ‘Zain Create’ website for its customers in Jordan. The content offered exclusively by Zain includes various entertainment services comprising a large entertainment library
March 2009
Zain Internet Service provider (ISP) and Mada (a consortium between Zain Jordan and Mada Communications Group) launch the 4G wireless broadband WiMAX E-version service for the first time in Jordan offering high speed wireless broadband internet to customers.
April 2008
Zain achieves another first by introducing its groundbreaking borderless “One Network” mobile service in four countries in the Middle East.
March 2008
Zain announced offering roaming services on board flights in cooperation with Aeromobile, to be by that the first company to provide this service in Jordan.
September 2007
The year 2007 witnessed the launch the new corporate identity for Fastlink to become "Zain Jordan", as that all Zain opcos (formerly known as MTC) are unified under one brand in order to better reflect our growing status as a leading multi-national mobile service provider with global aspirations.
June 2007
The Company introduced the first Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) system in Jordan and the region, replacing the widely used Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system at the call center.
February 2007
Start of deployment of Fiber Optic Transmission Technology.
February 2007
Zain was the First to introduce the BlackBerry service in 2007, for which it was awarded Research in Motion's (RIM) International Award of Excellence, the only company in the Middle East to receive this honor.

January 2006

Established its ISP arm, Zain Data.

February 2005
Introduced 2.75 G (EDGE) technology.
October 2005
Offered international gateway services directly through Company’s network.

January 2003
MTC acquired 91.6% of Zain in 2003, in the largest single acquisition in the Middle East and the largest private sector investment in Jordan at the time.
July 2002
introduced the MMS for the first time in the Arab World.
January 2002
Introduced the 2.5G GPRS technology.

September 1995
Zain became the first mobile phone operator in Jordan...