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23/09/2019 10:17 AM
Zain Al Shabab
Who we are?
The world of Zain Al Shabab
A sense of family-hood combined with team spirit, mixed with commitment and originality is what summarizes the foundation of the youth program established within Zain Jordan.
The youth program gathers a group of ambitious youth who attempt to take part in the business world. This team of lively youth is trained through a series of engaging activities and development opportunities.
What makes our youth program stands out is the well-roundedness of its members, as they are aware of the different organizational skills of the institution, ranging from Human Resources, development, commercial activities to building and creating a network within the organization and their universities.
Our youth program was established back in May 2005 were we have started as “Fastlink University Network” with 20 members from different universities around Amman – Jordan their main activities were to raise awareness about Fastlink and increase Sales among the youth segment.  During the rebranding of Fastlink as it became known later in 2007 as Zain “A wonderful world”, the “Fastlink University Network” has changed its name to become “Future University Network” were the vision of the team has taken a shift to become “a network of young leaders and entrepreneurs in society who will add value to Zain and the Jordan community” the activities of “F.U.N” has grown to become lead by our own students/ members.
In 2013 we have rebranded to “Zain Al Shabab” program to become the umbrella of all youth working within Zain Jordan. Our direction has remained the same but adding an aspect in which we think is essential to both our organization and the Jordanian community. Where by community service has become one of the Youth program’s main pillars.
Today we strive to be leaders in engaging and developing the youth of Jordan! Our program has become more related to engaging the youth segment in our various activities that are being executed and prepared for by our own members. Over the years we have noticed that giving our members that chance to be participating in projects hands on empowers them more and gives them the courage to come up with innovative ideas and projects to be executed on the long run.
Engaging the hearts of youth by establishing a committee that is powered by youth to create/ participate in CSR projects for the Jordanian community has increased the sense of responsibility within our members.
What we do at Zain Al Shabab Youth Program?!
• Enabling youth to gain experience and knowledge about the work environment, qualifying them to adapt easily in different environments, through development opportunities such as (coaching, team building activities, internal and external training sessions)
• Shaping  personalities  and skills of youth by exposing them to different practices.
• Enriching  youth’s lives by expanding their business sense & network.
• The opportunity to apply youths’ creative ideas and knowledge in a supportive environment.
• Engaging youth in interactive campaigns and events along with activities to serve the Jordanian community.
A glimpse of Zain Al Shabab activities:
- Jalsat Zain Al Shabab: a CSR development program where we open the doors of Zain Jordan to our youth segment to learn about different topics that impacts their daily lives, and prepares them for the work life.
- 7ewar: an initiative that encourages learning through dialogue and experience, it is powered by youth where they share the experiences they have been through during their journey with Zain Al Shabab (it’s focusing on soft skills).
- Youthful events that embraces hobbies: such as fast-walk, PlayStation tournaments.
- Feeling wonderful rounds: is all about engaging youth in the spirit of Eid and Ramadan. 
- Ramadan activities: they are weekly activities that are conducted by our members where they help the elderly and lightens up the lives of the youngsters.
- Commercial activities: interactive Universities Road shows that are consisting of 3 main components (training sessions, sales & promotion, gaming & competitions).
Zain Jordan’s youth program approximately benefited 1000 plus student from our work opportunities in Call center, Shops and Telesales within the youth program.