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25/08/2019 06:09 AM

 Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER)

In November 2013, Zain announced the establishment of a dedicated Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER) division, within the company’s departments, where Zain becomes accordingly the first company in the kingdom that its organizational structure includes an assigned section to support and develop the startups projects submitted by young entrepreneurs.



Zain’s direction comes as a step to develop the Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER) to form a new addition to the company's path that contributes to change the quality of the traditional models through evolving its organizational structure in line with its strategy that serves orientations during the next phase, since Zain is considered over the past years a distinct model, followed by the rest of the companies, as it’s  the first company that established an internally social responsibility section, that works on regulating and developing its initiatives and programs.



Zain to Establish a Joint Platform with 500Startups to Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Jordan
May 18th 2014: Zain Jordan has established several milestones in the entrepreneurship roadmap in the kingdom, playing a key role in supporting entrepreneurs and startup founders, whereas Zain was among the first corporates in the kingdom to indorse the concept of incubating innovative ideas and startup projects, stemming for the company’s belief in the significance of capacity building and development.
Throughout the past years, Zain has been devoted towards launching and sponsoring initiatives and taking part in activities and events that entail supporting entrepreneurs among Jordanian youth. Entering a new phase, Zain was the second main partners –after King Abdullah II Fund for Development- with Oasis500, a leading early stage and seed investment company, the first of its kind in Jordan and the MENA region. With this partnership, Zain became an indirect partner in supporting ICT related startup projects.


In 2013, Zain took a further step in the entrepreneurship roadmap and became the first corporate in the kingdom to establish a dedicated Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER) division within its organizational structure designed to support entrepreneurship and startups, a concept created by Wamda, the leading platform designed to empower entrepreneurs in the MENA region.


“Zain AlMubadara” program was the first initiative launched through the CER division, which aims at embracing 18 entrepreneurial projects across the kingdom to provide them with a total support of 100 thousands USD to ensure growth and sustainability of their businesses. The company also hosted various training sessions administered by international experts and trainers, where these sessions are designed to improve entrepreneurship skills among youth and help them to support them in turning their innovative ideas in several domains into reality.


And to proceed in leading the way in supporting early stage projects to grow and expand, Zain became a strategic partner with 500Startups, a global incubator that provides early-stage companies across the world with funding. 500Startup network includes 200 mentor, 1000 startup founders and 500 entrepreneurial companies in 40 countries. Zain’s investment through the strategic partnership will reach one million USD.
The partnership agreement entails the establishment of a joint platform in Jordan that will surround the entrepreneurs with suitable working environment, and provide them with advanced technological facilities in convenient working spaces, offices and meeting rooms in addition to conducting training sessions and connecting them with “500 Startups” headquarters in the United States of America. Zain looks forward to enrich the experience of startup founders at the joint platform via introducing them to experts and connecting them with similar incubators regionally and globally, and as per the current negotiations, King Hussein Business Park is the potential host for this platform.


Zain is planning to initially invest one million USD reaching up to 2 million USD through an investment fund to be established with 500Startups, in addition to annual investment of 20% of the initial investment, that shall be directed to fund entrepreneurial projects and startups in Jordan in the first phase, and in countries with Zain presence in the second phase, so that Jordan will resemble a regional center for entrepreneurs and startup founders.


Investment and supervision will be administered by Zain via connecting entrepreneurs with several incubators, investors and business men on regional and international levels, especially in the United States of America.


The announcement of this partnership took place on the sidelines of the conference of Jordanian Investors in the ICT sector entitled “Jordanian Innovation and Creativity” with the honorary participation of His Majesty King Abdullah II. California University in Silicon Valley, San Francisco hosted the conference, where content providers, ICT sector representatives, decision makers and Angel investors participated in the conference.

Zain Jordan Chief Executive Officer commented: “our pursuit for executing entrepreneurship responsibility started year ago, as we have been providing financial and logistic support and training for the Jordanian youth.


Reach a satisfaction phase and the technological quantum leaps are the main factors that affected the lifestyle of individuals in the community, hence revealing the need to deter traditional ideas and create innovative ideas that serve various sectors that are adopted to match the requirements for the digital and technological era. Henceforth, Zain took several steps towards indorsing and promoting innovation and startup projects, where these steps included the inception of Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility division and building signification partnerships with leading regional and global corporates in this domain.”

Commenting of the partnership agreement with 500Startups, AlHanandeh said: “this partnership demonstrates our ongoing quest to support youth and promote their innovation and creativity and to contribute in developing their skills with the aim to assist entrepreneurs to reach new markets in order to exchange expertise and maintain a sustainable economic development


Zain Launches Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC), a platform for supporting Entrepreneurship
June 15th 2014: Zain Jordan Chief Executive Officer Ahmad AlHanandeh announced, on Saturday, the launch of Zain Innovation Campus (ZINC), a platform that includes all the initiatives and programs of Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility. The campus is expected to be inaugurated in the fourth quarter of 2014 and to be located in King Hussein Business Park.

The announcement of Zain Innovation Campus was during a ceremony held to conclude the Entrepreneurship week that was organized by Zain for seven days that included several workshops, events and initiatives that attracted startups and entrepreneurs whom seek to reflect their innovative ideas and projects into the reality domain. 

AlHanandeh commented that the platform will be entitled “Zain Innovation Campus” that is spread over 630 square meters in the premises of King Hussein Business Park, as per the agreement signed between both parties. The campus will provide all the requirements needed by startups in addition to providing teleconferencing features with “500 Startups” in the United States, which is considered the largest business incubator around the world, and through this campus, Zain aims to assist the youth to convert their innovative ideas into productive projects, to be marketed locally, regionally and globally.

During the ceremony, Zain signed an agreement with Ministry of Information and Communications Technology in cooperation with Microsoft to launch “the Smart Government Initiative”, which entails a specialized competition of developing programs for the governmental services through mobile phones, with more details to be reviled in the few coming weeks.

Hanandeh highlighted that this new initiative aims at providing support to the creative Jordanian Youth and encourage them to participate in creating mobile applications that assist in transforming the government system into a mobile-base smart government system (M-Government) which will facilitate the governmental operations for Jordanians on a 24/7 basis.

Noteworthy that Zain signed an agreement with MoICT regarding launching the (M-Government) initiative, where Microsoft will provide the special technical support needed to develop the winner apps, in addition to enhancing the apps design for more convenience and dependability.

At the end of the ceremony, Zain announced the 12 winning projects in Zain AlMubadara Program that was launched in the fourth quarter of 2013, aiming at supporting entrepreneurial projects for youth aged 18 to 28 years. The company awarded the top three winning projects of Startup Weekend Amman that was hosted at Zain last week.

Zain AlMubadara is first initiative to be incepted by Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility division at Zain, and it attracted 150 projects across the kingdom and in various domains. 8 projects were nominated to the finals after several workshops and seminars organized by Zain during the past months, with the participation of judging committees formed of experts and businessmen.

“Triple R shop for books” won the first place and was awarded during the ceremony with 20 thousands JD, while “Dabbas Desert Fridge” won the second place and claimed the support of 10 thousands JDs and the third place was distributed over four projects, where each project received 5 thousands JDs and they were: “E-courses”, “AG-X to extract Silver” Trevex and “Laf Lef”. The fourth rank was distributed of 6 projects from the governramtes and each project received 1500 JDs: “Fingers Hear Sound” from Amman, “Blindoo” from Irbid, “Mshakal Co” from Tafileh, “Mashroum planting” from Ajloun, “Smart SMS” from Karak and “Marketing and advertising Assosciation” from Ma’an.