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17/12/2018 04:10 PM

  “Zain AlMubadara” Program

Zain Jordan launched “Zain AlMubadara” program on November 20th, which holds the slogan “nothing is impossible to youth” and targeting the Jordanian youth segment across the Kingdom  form  the age segment (18 – 28 years), to support them in turning their innovative ideas in various domains into reality.
Zain Al Mobadara program aims at embracing entrepreneurial ideas and projects by providing the needed support to ensure growth and sustainability of their businesses.
Zain Al Mubadara program undergoes four main phases:
1. The first phase is application for the program that last until February 28th 2014
2. The second phase is semifinal qualifiers where 20 ideas will be selected by a jury experienced in the area of entrepreneurial projects as Zain intends to build strategic partnerships with interties that entails innovative ideas, entrepreneurship and business incubators to contribute in analyzing and evaluating submitted innovative ideas. ،
3. The Third phase: Constants at the second stage will get the opportunity to develop their soft skills, communications skill and presentation skills to be prepared to present their ideas in the third stage of the program, resembled in the “Venture Day” held in 2014, where semifinalists get the chance to network with investors and business incubators on a regional and international levels, in corporation with institutions that aim at enabling youth to pitch their ideas to investors at the Venture Day.   
The winning ideas and projects will be announces during the “Venture Day”, where the first project will receive up to 20 thousands JDs support, the second project received up to 10 thousands JDs, and the four projects ranking third will receive support with a total of 20 thousands JDs, while the fourth rank will be distributed over 12 projects over the 12 governorates, where the winning project from each governorate will receive 1500 JDs, with a total of 18 thousands JDs per the 12 governorates.  
4. The fourth phase of “Zain Al-Mubadara” program includes the logistic and technical support for the winning projects, in addition to providing the guidance and support in creating business models and marketing and promotional schemes for the projects, via connecting project owners with the experts and Zain employees to aid them in establishing their business models and developing their skills in marketing and financial aspects in order to transform their innovative idea into profitable and successful business.


31 Qualified teams for the Semifinals of Zain AlMubadara Program

Zain concluded the semifinals of Zain AlMubadara Program that was launched in November 2013, which is the first initiative launched by the Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility section, where through it, Zain supports and indorse youth’s innovative ideas in order to turn them into sustainable startup projects.
Zain has selected 31 projects to be qualified for the final phase out of 77 submitted ideas that were eligible for the second phase of Zain AlMubadara Program, which reached a vast segment of the youth, as the program received 150 ideas in various sectors and areas.
The qualified projects were selected by a jugging jury from Zain’s management according to specified criteria based on equality and transparency and a scale out of 50 points distributed over several measures that include the business model, customer validity and reach, application of the idea and business opportunity.


Over the week of semifinal phase, participants presented their ideas and initiatives in front of the jury and discussed their projects’ details to include the financial, commercial, technical, administrative and logistic aspects.