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17/12/2018 05:42 PM

 CER Events



Zain Hosted Startup Grind Jordan for Startup founders

Amman, April 14th, 2014: Zain hosted Startup Grind Jordan, powered by Google in Zain headquarters on Monday April 14th 2014. The event aimed at advising entrepreneurs and startup founders and providing them with useful tips regarding developing their businesses, as part of Zain’s strategy towards promoting entrepreneurship responsibility and supporting innovative ideas and stratups. MarkaVIP founder and CEO Ahmad AlKhatib shared his experience with the attendees and interacted with the audience and answered their questions and inquiries about the business field.

To watch the video, click on the below link:


 Zain hosts a live streaming session entitled "Attracting Media Attention for your venture"

Amman, April , 14th, 2014: Zain hosted a live streaming session entitled "Attracting Media Attention for your venture" in Zain headquarters on Wednesday, April 16th, as part of Zain’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER) Speaker Series events and in corporation with Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) initiative, aiming at promoting entrepreneurship and supporting startup founders.
Zain headquarters was one of the 12 viewing sites around the world that participated in the live streaming session that was broadcasted live from US State Department in Washington DC. More than 50 startup founders participated in the event and interacted with GIST TechConnect speakers and asked questions via the social media platforms.



Zain Conducts Presentations Skills Workshops for Zain AlMubadara Participants

Amman, April, 16th,2014: Zain conducted presentation skills workshops on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 15th and 16th 2014 in its headquarters for the participants in Zain AlMubadara Program. The workshops were administered by the certified international professional trainer Dr. Sana’a Abdo, who has a doctorate in “Training and Youth Development” from the Oxford College for Higher Education and Studies. Dr. Abdo provided the attendees with important steps to be carried out during presentations, in addition to informing the participants of the dos and don’ts of presentations, aiming at sharpening their pitching skills and to develop their communications and presentation skills.
This step is part of Zain’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER) program and goes in line with the company’s strategy towards promoting and enhancing entrepreneurship and developing the skills among youth and startup founders


To watch the video, click on the below link:
 Zain Hosts the Final Round of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014
Amman, April 19th 2014 - Zain hosted the final round of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014 competition, which is considered the world's premier student technology competition. On Saturday,19th of April qualifying teams ssembled in Zain Head Quarters to pitch their ideas in front of the judging committee which includes H.E Marwan Jumaa, H.E Nadia Saied, H.E Nader Thneibat, Mr. Samer Awjean , Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh and Zain Jordan Human Resources Director Rasha Barakat. Noting that each team had 10 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for demo, and 5 minutes for questions. 



Zain celebrates World Intellectual Property Day along with Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs
Amman, April 27th 2014 - Jordanian Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs joined Zain Jordan in a mini-workshop titled “Startups & IP ” to celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day, a day to promote discussion on the role of intellectual property (IP) in encouraging innovation and creativity , celebrated on the 26th of April each year.
The “Startups & IP ” mini-workshop was attended by a group of Jordanian entrepreneurs & startup founders , where Aisha Y. Salem - the newly appointed U.S. Department of Commerce  Intellectual Property (IP) Attaché for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), discussed the impact of how protecting intellectual property assets can affect the chances of getting funded on favorable terms, advantages of intellectual protection creation vs competitors, investing in cultivation and enforcing in a intellectual property portfolio, along with the impact of attracting potential acquirers, investing in international IP protection, in addition to highlighting the difference in developing and protecting proprietary technologies versus buying & licensing.
The mini-workshop was implemented in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States as part of the startups speaker series within Zain Jordan’s Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility (CER) programs aiming to support youth led innovation and to activate and boost the Jordanian entrepreneurship ecosystem.


To watch the video, click on the below link:



Entrepreneurship Week


Zain Sponsors and Hosts Startup Weekend Amman

Amman, June, 7th 2014 – During the “Entrepreneurship Week” that Zain held from June 5th until 14th, Zain sponsored “Startup Weekend Amman” that had the participation of 120 startups whom are interested in establishing their own businesses in various sectors.
Zain provided the logistic support in addition to hosting the event that was held for three days, starting Thursday, June 5th and ended on Saturday, June 7th 2014. Where the attendees formed 12 groups to pitched their ideas in several domains that included systems, applications, social media platforms, programing and online portals.
Launching the Second Edition of “Arab Mobile App Challenge

Amman, June 8th 2014: Zain Jordan sponsored the second edition of the Arab Mobile App Challenge (AMAC) that was launched during a ceremony that was hosted at Zain headquarters during its Entrepreneurship week. The ceremony was held on Monday, June 9th and attended by more than 130 entrepreneurs and startups.
Arab Mobile App Challenge is considered an opportunity to be seized by youth in order to inform them about the entrepreneurship concept and assist them to lead their way towards establish a successful business. AMAC also helps participants to enhance their skills by enrolling them to develop their mobile apps that cover the needs of various sectors and domains.
Noteworthy that Arab Mobile App Challenge is a regional contest organized by Applied Innovation institute, and it is held in Jordan in cooperation with Queen Rania Entrepreneurship Center, Int@j, I E Business School and Zain Jordan.

Zain sponsors Jordan App & Web Awards (JAWA) 2014
Amman, June 9th 2014 – Zain sponsored the Jordan App & Web Awards (JAWA) 2014 ceremony that was organized by Media Scope in partnership with The Pan Arab Excellence Awards Academy that was held on Sunday at Grand Hyatt Hotel and attended by ICT specialists and dignitaries in addition to other corporates that function in various sectors.
In addition to being the platinum sponsor for the event, Zain provides is support for the entrepreneurs’ category that was added to the fifth edition of this ceremony, where the teams competed to win the first three ranks for the category of startups in the field of websites and applications.
Worth mentioning that “TasmeemME” website won the first rank at the entrepreneurs’ category, where this website resembles a platform for creative designers in the Middle East. Iqra.Tech won the second place for its custom website for Holy Quran , and in the third place came Dabousi.com website.

Zain hosts the Golden edition of the App Challenge

Amman, June 11th 2014: Zain Jordan hosted a seminar about the Golden edition of the App Challenge that was by King Abdullah II Fund for Development and in cooperation with Maysalward company. More than 80 students from 13 public and private schools across the kingdom participated in the edition.
Maysalward CEO and founder Nour Khrais informed the students about the Mobile App gaming industry and he provided imporatant tips that contribute in developing the students’ abilities to innovate and pitch creative ideas in the gaming domain.
The App challenge aims at developing the skills of Jordanian Students aged from 15 to 18 years, in order to assist to enter the app development and design domain.

Zain and Maysalward Announce their Strategic Partnership to Launch a Publisher for Mobile Games
Amman, June 11th 2014:Zain Jordan and Maysalward, the leading regional mobile games development company, announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement that entails supporting youth from the mobile games developers segment through adopting their applications and promoting them in the local market during the first phase and in the regional and global markets at later phases.
The partnership was announced during a ceremony held at Zain headquarters on Wednesday and attended by indie developers, local mobile game development companies and entrepreneurs to announce the official launch of the mobile game “ShaqDown 2”, developed by Maysalward and recently released in the global market across different App Stores.  ShaqDown 2,  includes the characters of the famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal who will be joined by fellow legends, Jet Li, and the three-time world heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali.

Zain the Exclusive sponsor for “Mix N Mentor” event

Amman, June 13th 2014: During the entrepreneurship week held by Zain, the company sponsored “Mix N Mentor” event that was held at the headquarters of Khabeesh on Friday, June 13th from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.
Zain was the exclusive sponsor for this event that entailed enhancing the skills among the startups and entrepreneurs’ community in order to share the knowledge and expertise. During the sessions of the event, 18 mentors and speakers were enrolled in an interactive discussion with a group of startups among the Jordanian youth.
Noteworthy that Zain sponsorship stems from the company’s strategy that aims at supporting youth and promoting the entrepreneurial spirit between them, where this event provides the opportunity for the youth to meet with the experts including: Ahmad Hanandeh, Fadi Ghanour, Alavro Abella, Con O'Donnell, Emile Cubeisy, Herve Cuviliez, Hagop Taminian, Habib Haddad, Karim Samakie, Lana Alamat, Rasha Manna, Rami Al-Karmi, Randa Ayoubi, Omar Soudodi, Omar Sati, Sohrab Jahanbani, Walid Faza and Will Hutson 




Zain Hosts Your Middle East Startup 
Amman, 8 Septmeber 2014 - Zain hosted Your Middle East Startup event that was held on Monday, September 8th 2014, which enables entrepreneurs and startups to receive the advice from CEOs and business owners, via sharing their experience and networking with each other.
Her Excellency Ambassador of Sweden in Jordan, Mrs. Helen Grondahl Reitz and Zain Jordan CEO Ahmad Hanandeh attended the event that was administered by Your Middle East Startup COO Aurore Belfrage, and on the panel that discussed the pitches and shared their success stories included HE Marwan Juma’a, Founder and CEO of Kinz and dot.jo, Magnus Olsson, founder and CEO of Careem in Dubai, Jac Asmar the managing director at Mindshare and Reem Bou Abdullah, Managing director in Eureka in Lebanon.   
To watch the video, click on the below link:



Zain hosts Startup Weekend Amman – Women Edition
Amman, September 16th 2014: Zain hosted Startup weekend Amman – Women Edition that was held for three days with the participation of more than 50 entrepreneur and startups, who formulated 11 teams and presented various ideas for projects that entail applications, websites, and systems, after receiving the mentorship and advice from mentors during the weekend.
A judging committee assessed the presented projects according to specified criteria that evaluated the business model, marketing scheme, market needs. The top three projects were Masla7ah.com, Re7levip.com and Play Bznz.
Startup Weekend Amman is part of a global event that gathers entrepreneurs and startups to learn the basics of incepting a project through networking with other startups and getting advice from mentors and experts during 54 hours of interactive workshops, aiming at providing the youth with the positive vibe and useful insights and tips to start their own business and pave the rode for them to reflect their ideas into profitable projects.

To watch the video, click on the below link:
Zain Hosts BigBit Event
Amman, 16 September 2014: Zain hosted Big Bit event that was held on Monday September 15th 2014 in cooperation with Google Student Ambassador in PSUT, where five Jordanian engineers, whom are currently working in global corporates shared their success stories with the audience. Zain’s support for this event stems from its continuous support for entrepreneurship and innovation among the youth segment, where this events aims at envouraging youth and motivate them to establish their own startups and projects in the technology field or other domains as well. The event included five interviews with five graduates from Princess Sumaya University for Technology: Amjad Masad from Facebook, Monir Abu Hilal from Microsoft, Ahmed Jolani from Amazon Cape Town, Ahmad Tahhan from Yahoo and Max Shawabkeh from Google
To watch the video, click on the below link:



Zain Hosts Google DevFest
Amman, 27th September 2014 - Zain supported and hosted Google DevFest that was held in September 27th 2014 where mentors and experts shared their expertise with the audience constituting of 60 from the motivated youth segment.
Google DevFest is organized by Google Developers Group, where the event aims at having technical sessions centered around Google developer technologies and platforms via bringing together youth in the local developer community to teach, learn, code and network.
Google developers Groups are found in 103 countries across the world through 517 branches that aim at informing the local developers about the recent updates regarding the Google platforms and apps.    
To watch the video, click on the below link:




ZINC hosts Wamda's Round Tables and Startup Weekend Amman "Global Battle"

Amman, November 14th 2014 - Located at Grow Building at King Hussein Business Park, Zain Innovation Campus (ZIN) hosted Wamda’s round tables that was held on the sidelines of the second day of MENA ICT Forum 2014 and Startup Weekend Amman “Global Battle” that lasted for three days, starting Thursday until Saturday.