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23/09/2019 10:22 AM

 Voice Mail

Voice Mail is an answering machine for your mobile phone, it will automatically answer when your mobile phone is switched off, busy or when you are unreachable and cannot take a call.

To activate and personalize this service simply dial 1717 and follow the instructions.

Service Fees
this service is free of charge Service Commands

For Voice mail messages retrieval from
You own mobile
Another mobile number
Outside Jordan or while roaming

 Ways of subscription :

  • Customer should create his own voice mail by calling 1717 or by call diverting to the number 962790001722
  • When the customer misses a call, he receives a notification message that someone has left him a voice mail.


When using the call divert, a voice mail be automatically be created and you can access that mail by calling 1717 and listen to your voice mails, for activation please follow the below commands :


For activation
For cancellation
Diverting when not answering
**61*00962790001722# OK
Diverting when not reached or turned off
**62*00962790001722# OK
Diverting when busy
**67*00962790001722# OK
Diverting in all cases
**21*00962790001722# OK

To listen to your voice mail : Call 1818, the price per minuet is the same as calling a Zain line and it differs from a package to another.


Voice mail cancellation : You can cancel your voice mail by cancelling the call diverts using the above commands, and after 60 days the voice mail will automatically be deleted. To reactivate your voice mail after the 60 days, you have to call 1717 or divert your calls on 962790001722.


Rules and Regulations :

  • If the customer wants to activate the call divert when busy, he should cancel the call waiting service.
  • When sending a voice mail, the receiver got to have a mail box so he can view the voice message and this can be created by calling 1717.
  • In the first time that the customer creates his mail box, he will be asked to create a password from 6 characters.
  • Passwords cannot be created automatically, the customer should enter his password, and the same password can be used when checking the mail box through Zain Jordan website.
  • If you want to listen to your voice mail and you entered the password 3 times or more, the service will be blocked, and it will get back automatically after 24 hours.