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22/09/2018 09:07 AM
Economy Roaming

Add the new Economy Roaming Service and stay connected to the internet starting from 7JDs/GB in addition to free internet capacity up to 2GB, to subscribe dial *962#

Service Name

Price (JD)


GB Price in Gulf countries*

GB Price in other countries**

Weekly Economy Roaming service


7 days



Monthly Economy Roaming service


30 days





 *The Serivec price is 15 JD for Prepaid subscriptions 

§  You can add the service though *962# or Zain Jo Application

§   The Weekly Economy Roaming service, will grant you 1GB in gulf countries or ½ GB in other countries

§    The Monthly Economy Roaming service, will grant you 2GB in gulf countries or 1 GB in other countries

§   Free data capacity can be used in all the mentioned countries and be checked through *962#

§   After consuming the free data capacity, the usage will be deducted directly from the balance (pay as you go) and the GB price will be as mentioned in the above table

§   The service can be added in advanced (before traveling) and it will be activated upon first usage

§   Receiving minutes’ rate will be 9 Piasters/minute (except for Italy, Portugal, Qatar, China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Macau, Thailand, America, Russia, Singapore and Pakistan)


*Gulf countries include: UAE, Bahrain, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine & Qatar


​**Other Countries include: Turkey, Egypt, France, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Sri Lanka, Thailand, , Russia, Algeria, Singapore, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Moldova