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26/09/2017 09:09 PM
Zain Fiber
Zain Fiber Service:


Zain Fiber is an end to end optical fiber infrastructure installed from Zain’s network

all the way to the boundary of the customer’s home. 

This service allows Zain to provide a higher bandwidth (reaching the Gigabit barrier) 

and unlimited download capacities to consumers, therefore presenting a more 

robust internet, video, IPTV, voice, and online gaming services

accompanied by a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Zain Fiber offers you:

        ·           Unlimited downloading capacity

        ·           Symmetrical technology (upstream speed equals downstream speed)

        ·           More secured connection

        ·            Consistent and reliable connection



Zain Fiber is currently available in Swaifiey, Dair Ghbar, Dahyet Al Amir Rashed, Al Kursi, Dabouq, Al Fardous, Al Jandaweel, and partially in: Khalda, Hay Al Redwan (4th & 5th roundabouts), Abdoun North, Dahyet Al Nakheel. More areas are coming very soon.

Get it now call us on 0798886886

Bundles Details:



Bundle Details​

Monthly Subscription (JD)

Monthly Quota Size

Download Speed

Upload Speed

One Year Commitment

Two Years Commitment

( 10% ​off)​

Three Years Commitment (25% off)



40 JD

35 JD

30 JD




60 JD

54 JD

45 JD




80 JD

74 JD

65 JD




130 JD

115 JD

99 JD



         -       Setup fees of 25 JDs will apply (subject to 16% sales tax)

         -         Prices of internet subscription are subject to 16% sales tax

         -       ​All packages are available on one, two, and three years’ commitment

              Monthly invoicing

         -       Billing will be in advance

         -       The subscription will start counting from the date of 1st connection.

         -       For any inquiries or support; customers can call 1232



All rules and conditions for fair usage policy applies.


For further information; please contact Customer Care Center at 1234 for Zain subscribers and at 0795797979 for non-Zain subscribers or kindly visit any of Zain’s shops.