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23/09/2019 09:54 AM
Other business sectors

​Zain can provide your company with fully integrated solutions customized for your business needs.

This sector includes (Syndicates, Embassies, Travel & Tourism, IT, and Logistics).

Voice Solutions:

-       Closed user group

With very competitive monthly subscriptions, this package offers free closed user group minutes that allow the employees to communicate together.

-       Controlled lines

This type of package combines the flexibility of postpaid lines and credit control of prepaid lines, providing corporates with a tool to control the invoice of their employees, and providing the employees with the option to recharge after consuming their balance.

-       Open lines

These packages offer competitive monthly subscriptions and attractive calling rates to cater to your business and communication needs.

You can also ask for a special bundle to enjoy special roaming rates.

For more information, please call 1234 (or contact your account manager).


Business solutions:

Zain can provide your company with fully integrated solutions customized for your business needs.

GB pooling:
This is the ideal plan for companies to control the internet usage of employees as, with GB pooling, you have the advantage of pooling the data and sharing it with your employees according to their needs.

This service provides hotels with a suitable solution for internet usage of residents, as they can share the GB pool with Hotel residents according to their needs and requests.

Location-based Mobile Advertising service:
This is an innovative SMS advertising solution, allowing you to reach your target market based on location and other demographics through SMS. You can send your promotion via SMS to end-users who are nearby the site of your activity instead of broadcasting the message to everyone.

Profile SMS:
This communication tool will enable your company to communicate and engage with your target audience through the SMS channel. Instead of sending the SMS to everyone, you can define your targeted segment based on various demographics (Such as: location, ARPU, Roaming Behavior, age, gender, etc.)


Co-location is a data center where multiple customers locate network, server and storage components and interconnect to a variety of telecommunications and other network service providers with minimum cost and complexity.

Smart building:
Zain will provide the building with a business class Internet connection over Leased Line Microwave Connections, whereby this leased line will be connected directly from Zain to the switch inside the building; where your company will get a dedicated Ethernet connection while guaranteeing the features of stability, quality of service & connection availability.

Virtual Private Server:
The Virtual Private Server is the new solution for servers, as having a VPS account is just like operating a dedicated server. In a traditional shared hosting environment, one account can access other's files when not secured properly. It is a well-known fact that people can read other's passwords located in configuration files since they are all running under the web server’s privilege, and can therefore gain access to sensitive data. A VPS account (disk space, memory) is totally isolated from other VPS accounts, because each VPS account is located in its own "Virtual Environment". Other VPS accounts cannot access your files nor data in the memory. You will have your own copy of a Web Server, DNS servers, a Database Server and user accounts. This VPS security model makes it ideal for secure credit card processing in e-commerce applications.

Zain Track:
Zain Track is a service for fleet management tracking and protection from theft. It will allow you to track and monitor vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles and buses.

Zain Camera:
Zain Camera is a cloud-based Video Monitoring Service provided by Zain. It allows you to monitor your important and valuable assets using the designated desktop application, or using the application that can be downloaded on your mobile or tablets.

Google Apps:
As a standalone office productivity suite or integrated with your existing IT solutions, Google Apps brings your users the latest innovations while dramatically reducing the costs, complexity, and maintenance needs of the on-premise solutions.

Email/Web Hosting:

Zain has a shared hosting environment that helps you manage your account through a web control panel. The idea is to give more flexibility and control of managing your domain, website & mail hosting-related daily tasks over to the hosting account owner. With this service, you will be able to manage hosting related tasks such as setting up email accounts, creating new folders, deleting unwanted files, creating a backup copy of your entire hosting account, setting up additional FTP accounts, CGI scripts and checking on daily website traffic statistics.