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14/12/2018 02:29 PM

  Online Streaming

http://www.jo.zain.com/arabic/business/Products/PublishingImages/on1.jpgOnline broadcasting is a solution designed specifically for streaming on-demand and live digital media to clients. It provides high-quality streaming over a wide range of bandwidths media players and to web browsers that integrates with different players. It is especially useful for streaming large amounts of data over busy, congested networks and low-bandwidth connections. Streaming uses bandwidth more efficiently than downloading because it sends data over the network only at the speed that is necessary for the client to render it correctly. This prevents the network from becoming overloaded and helps maintain system reliability.



       -        Online Live Streaming for Radio Stations / Audio [Different Quality Based on Customer    Requirements]

       -        Online Live Streaming for Radio Stations / Videos [Cameras in the Studios]

       -        Online Live Streaming for TV Stations 

       -        Online live Streaming for Events and Activities [This could be done by using Wowza GoCode on the Mobile Device as well]




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