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Mobile internet bundles 

Enjoy high Speed Internet on your mobile and stay connected with all your social platforms wherever you are.

Zain uses the latest technology to give you the strongest internet you need with a higher GB capacity with daily, weekly and monthly bolts.

There are several Daily, weekly and monthly bolts for all consumer base with the below details.


Daily and Weekly bolts for all consumer base (New and Existing base)

Quota (GB)Price (JD)Validity
30.51 day
711 day
1027 days
2037 days


Monthly bolts for postpaid and prepaid MS packages only (New and Existing base)

Quota (GB)Price (JD)Validity
15330 days
25530 days
60830 days


Monthly bolts for prepaid non-MS packages (Existing customers only**)

Quota (GB)Price (JD)Validity
5330 days
10530 days
60930 days


Rules and conditions

These bolts can be added on time only or it can be renewable based on the customers selection.

The customer will be able to check his remaining one-off bundle through *121*3# and renewable bundle through *121*2#.

**New sales customers on PAYG packages are not eligible for monthly bolts in the first 30days of activation

To know more about the packages and offers through Zain Customer Service please dial 1234. For other networks please call 0795797979. You are also welcomed to visit any of Zain's showrooms.



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